News links and items for May 7 2014 – 3

1. May 7 Jihadis evacuated from Homs Syria

2. Homs evacuation reveals extent of damage of Syrian war

3. Muslims in Pakistan emulate Nazi and Chinese trick of forcing outsiders to desecrate their own sacred symbols to humiliate Hindus. 

(I remember when Chinese forces made footpaths in Tibet out of the sacred writings from inside temple walls, forcing the Tibetan population to walk on them. Nazis did similar things)

4. Geert Wilders on UKIP and Marine Le Pen

5. Don’t ASK, Don’t Tell: Ask Restaurants Serve Halal to Unsuspecting Customers, Claims ‘Most People Wouldn’t Mind’

(Once again. This is no different than putting meat products in the food for vegetarians. It may have no basis in rational health or nutrition but people are allowed to choose what they want to eat for their own reasons right or wrong. As it happens, halal meat violates most civilized country’s cruelty to animals laws)

6. Nigerian minister of finance quite clear about the real intention of islam and women’s rights around the world. Even if he doesn’t mention islam.

7. Here are some jihadis firing a missile. Does anyone know what kind of missile this is and where it is made? It looks kinda … American

Thank you M, Don L, Richard, Tundra T and all who sent in material. More to come today including a slick little anti-Israel commercial by the Palestinians where the final wish to destroy Israel is put on screen to show how peaceful and multilateral they really are.

Hard line Muslims attack Ahmadiyah, throw Molotov cocktails

From People of Shambhala.

(A previous, frenzied mob attack on an Ahmadiyah mosque. Note the shouts of “Allahu Akbar” and the use of knives. )

A mob of about between 150 and several hundred hard line Muslims “vandalized almost everything inside the [Ahmadiyya] mosque,” said Nanang, chairman of the Ahmadiyah in Tasikmalaya, Singaparna, West Java.

Trouble started at around 10:00 AM on Friday, when the Ahmadiyah were praying. A small group of hard line Muslims left a nearby mosque and began protesting outside the Ahmadiyah mosque. They were soon by a much larger group.

The campaign against the Ahmadiyah quickly escalated from shouting insults to a number of Muslims throwing Molotov cocktails inside the Ahmadiyah mosque, reports the Jakarta Globe.

The mob then forced their way inside, and began smashing windows and breaking doors and equipment.

The police arrived but initially only stood by, watching the attack, saying they could not do anything.

Local residents eventually took… read more.

Indonesian Islamic groups demonstrate against liberal Muslims and Ahmadiyya

Indonesia must be “free” of liberal values, including liberal interpretations of Islam. That’s the message of thousands of Muslims who demonstrated against the Ahmadiyya minority faith and “liberalism” on Friday. The Islam Defenders Front (FPI), Islamic Peoples Forum (FUI), Islam Reform Movement (Garis) and Ukhuwah Islamiyah Forum gathered at the HI Roundabout in Jakarta and called for Indonesia to be “free” from liberal ideas.

Wearing traditional white clothing the demonstrators chanted against the Liberal Islam Network (JIL) and held banners which read… continue reading.

Islamic fundamentalists attack Ahmadiyya minority

From People of Shambhala.

A mosque in Cianjur, West Java, was attacked yesterday by about 50 Islamic hardliners, because it was being used by local members of the Ahmadiyya faith for Fridays prayers. Ahmadis regard themselves as Muslims but believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (who founded the faith in India during the 19th century) to be the Mahdi or final messenger of Islam.

During the attack the mosque was ransacked, its windows were broken, and its roof was damaged.

The mosque’s caretakers had allegedly been warned not to allow the Ahmadis to use the Arrohim Mosque in Cipeuyeum village. Indonesia Ahmadiyah Congregation (JAI) spokesman Firdaus Mubarik also told the Jakarta Post, “The police warned our congregation on Thursday not to use the mosque for Friday prayers, which means that they… read more.