Hard line Muslims attack Ahmadiyah, throw Molotov cocktails

From People of Shambhala.

(A previous, frenzied mob attack on an Ahmadiyah mosque. Note the shouts of “Allahu Akbar” and the use of knives. )

A mob of about between 150 and several hundred hard line Muslims “vandalized almost everything inside the [Ahmadiyya] mosque,” said Nanang, chairman of the Ahmadiyah in Tasikmalaya, Singaparna, West Java.

Trouble started at around 10:00 AM on Friday, when the Ahmadiyah were praying. A small group of hard line Muslims left a nearby mosque and began protesting outside the Ahmadiyah mosque. They were soon by a much larger group.

The campaign against the Ahmadiyah quickly escalated from shouting insults to a number of Muslims throwing Molotov cocktails inside the Ahmadiyah mosque, reports the Jakarta Globe.

The mob then forced their way inside, and began smashing windows and breaking doors and equipment.

The police arrived but initially only stood by, watching the attack, saying they could not do anything.

Local residents eventually took… read more.

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