so my 12 year old daughter started a new school last wednesday. A highly recommended school here in Los Angeles where good school surely are at a premium….now schools here are obviously left leaning, but I was hoping maybe , just maybe, this school would teach the real curriculum for at least a month or two before getting into the heavy lefty indoctrinating,….but, but noooooooooooooooo!!! now my little girl is in grade 7 and today she had science class…I say science class..(–biology–disecting and all that good stuff) and so when I picke dher up I was excited to hear if they had cut into their first lobster (that’s right lobster,,,no frogs here , after all, we are in la la land.)..but what she told me was that the teacher had been doing something called inferencing and he had inferenced that Bush was a moron for going into Iraq. That he had no business attacking a country that had no citizens on the old plane/bombs. and trha it was stupid… you say, uh, um, er… what does that have to do with SCIENCE, exactly? well of course it has nothing to do with it, but what really pisses me off is this….it was only her second class of the year and the first real class of work….first friggin class and already the fucking teacher is spewing this bullshit …in a god damn science class.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh…..ok,,,,ok now what do I do? I already reeducated my daughter (and her friend), but waht about the teacher? say something ? let it go? it is just so infuriating….I send her to school to be educated, to learn to read and write and add and do projects and in that learning coupled with the news and discussions at home and school she will come to her own political and moral etc . decisions….. I fully get that she will start out a lefty here, but I just want her to have a shot at being smart….oh well any advice is appreciated.

thank god it is always warm here….

sitting in the light

It is 8:55  here in California. I am sitting in my house  all alone. I am scared to death.  My lights are all on. I can see everything. And yet, and yet as  I look outside I see nothing.  Every light on the block is out. It is pitch black, except at my house.    fucking sheep!  But in the morning they will know me like they have never known me before! baaa baaa…..will they speak to me?  will I be an outcast and not know it?  It is eerie, baaa baaa…I hear the sound everywhere…. crap, where is everybody?  Are they home crouching in their dark corners, or did they cheat and go out to a place which is well lit?  the movies?, baaa,  the restaurants?   a bar?…..baaaa…..wil they surround my house like in the “Omega Man” ? I suddenly feel like Charleton Heston….where is my rifle? baaaa  baaaa…shit they are closing in…baaaaa.  What a night…on;y 28 minutes to go and then I can turn off my lights.  baaa  baaa…..the dog is looking at me …does she know that she is owned by an outsider, an infidel….will the other dogs shun her tomorrow?   aaaaaaaaggghahagah……..ok  ok it’s ok….I am ok…..I am going to watch my big fucking plasma tv now with all the lights on..baaa  baaaa ………..pray  for me—-even you atheists……in california I am a dying breed….the “last of the watt burners”  …I shall sleep well tonight….just slightly afraid of all the darkers. the sheep, the mob……I suddenly ache for the Hunchback, for Frankenstein, …..lucky robinson crusoe, he had it made!  oh well it is almost over…..baaa  baaa  baaa I hear it everywhere……

I don’t want to belong to any union that would have me…but I have to

So here I am in a dilemma for the ages. I am a member of around 5 guilds, associations and unions, despite having little love for these institutions. I realize the good they have accomplished over the years, but also see the huge downside. This of course is never mentioned, because that would be seen to be anti-union, which is not acceptable. But this year SAG  (Screen Actors Guild) is contemplating a strike once again, and I have had it. The last one I was dead set against. It was stupid, ill conceived, short sighted and in the end accomplished essentially nothing.  Although it did basically end my career. We were on strike for around 7 or 8 months, and when we finally came back there was less work and for a man over 50….well I was done. I have worked a bit –a movie with doris roberts , a “what goes on in vegas, stays in vegas commercial” and a couple of other tv shows–(Bones and west wing  to name 2), but basically I am done. So  this time I am thinking of heavily favoring and in fact actively pushing for a strike,  and then gleefully scabbing.  Oh I know scab is the dirtiest of all the four letter words, but shit striking as a group when the best of the lot are making millions and millions, while the rest make nothing is quite simply repugnant. Actors are the luckiest people in the world. Striking is pure hubris. So is it okay to scab, or is that going to far. It would end my career for good, but that I do not care about. Just want to know if scabbing is ever justified to you guys.  The strike may not happen and it is not for another month, so I shall mull this over, burt any response would be appreciated….thanks


charles H. 

“Charles” is an actor in the greater L.A. Area

on being a bully or being a boy…….but I have a daughter

So Now I have another dilemma here in sunny Kalifornia. My beautiful 11 yr. old daughter is having trouble with a certain cretin er boy at school. Now clearly this kid is a moron, but basically he keeps on bugging my kid, by saying she is too short for this and too short for that,,and hiding her backpack, and all kinds of other stuff boys do on a regular basis. Course this has been going on since T-rex first teased T-oprah. So we tell my sweetheart, hey ignore him, don’t let what he says get to you, and if you really want it to stop, do not encourage him by retaliating in kind. It makes him think he likes you etc etc…Now this is painful, cause it does seem to bug her and being a parent, one hates to se your kid in a state of confusion, ,…buuuuuuuuuuuut   he is a BOY, and in fact sometimes  “boys will be boys” Uh-oh  I may have crossed a line there, but shit …

             Well, all this would be a minor problem, except yesterday the powers that be sent a psychologist to school to tell us parents how to deal with bullies….and of course teasing was tops on the list of  indicators of future terrorism.  The pussification of Amerika.  But of course all of our friends have daughters and they are all on board with a school policy of no tolerance, so as usual I am stumped as to what to do. I want my kid to toughen up, they want her to never have to hear an unkind word. 

    If any of you out there have suggestions, or comments, I am open to both help and criticism. But this is how they are gonna change the future….from within.   yours (with no bullying intended)



donations to solicitations an 11 year old gets inducted

ok, so my 11 yr. old daughter (10 at the time) gets invited to a friends birthday party, and rather than bring gifts , the kids are asked to give 15-25 dollars to an operation dedicated to saving the “rain forest” or as I like to call it —the fucking jungle. Now this kinda pisses me off , but hey the little girl is 10, so if she wants that instead of a barbie , well fine. Now comes the kicker. It is now about 5 months later, and every day my kid is getting these goddamn brochures from every goddamn eco-loving organization out there, asking for donations to save the planet from George Bush. That’s right..actually dissing Bush in a brochure sent to an 11 year old. …and asking for money. So now I am fighting mad, but do not know the best way to fight this…so if you gots any ideas let me know. By the way I am an ex-pat (Canadian) living in california.


neighborly love

so I am pretty sure my next door neighbor is al Quaida. He seems like a nice guy, -quiet, shy, keeps to himself. But still ……. so what do I do?  well for now , nothing. Hey I’ve got kids. Ya I am a chicken shit ,  but when the big attack comes I’m gonna know in advance, casuse i am watching him …and when I see him leaving in the middle of the night , bags packed ….I am outta here.

well I will keep you posted