I don’t want to belong to any union that would have me…but I have to

So here I am in a dilemma for the ages. I am a member of around 5 guilds, associations and unions, despite having little love for these institutions. I realize the good they have accomplished over the years, but also see the huge downside. This of course is never mentioned, because that would be seen to be anti-union, which is not acceptable. But this year SAG  (Screen Actors Guild) is contemplating a strike once again, and I have had it. The last one I was dead set against. It was stupid, ill conceived, short sighted and in the end accomplished essentially nothing.  Although it did basically end my career. We were on strike for around 7 or 8 months, and when we finally came back there was less work and for a man over 50….well I was done. I have worked a bit –a movie with doris roberts , a “what goes on in vegas, stays in vegas commercial” and a couple of other tv shows–(Bones and west wing  to name 2), but basically I am done. So  this time I am thinking of heavily favoring and in fact actively pushing for a strike,  and then gleefully scabbing.  Oh I know scab is the dirtiest of all the four letter words, but shit striking as a group when the best of the lot are making millions and millions, while the rest make nothing is quite simply repugnant. Actors are the luckiest people in the world. Striking is pure hubris. So is it okay to scab, or is that going to far. It would end my career for good, but that I do not care about. Just want to know if scabbing is ever justified to you guys.  The strike may not happen and it is not for another month, so I shall mull this over, burt any response would be appreciated….thanks


charles H. 

“Charles” is an actor in the greater L.A. Area

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