donations to solicitations an 11 year old gets inducted

ok, so my 11 yr. old daughter (10 at the time) gets invited to a friends birthday party, and rather than bring gifts , the kids are asked to give 15-25 dollars to an operation dedicated to saving the “rain forest” or as I like to call it —the fucking jungle. Now this kinda pisses me off , but hey the little girl is 10, so if she wants that instead of a barbie , well fine. Now comes the kicker. It is now about 5 months later, and every day my kid is getting these goddamn brochures from every goddamn eco-loving organization out there, asking for donations to save the planet from George Bush. That’s right..actually dissing Bush in a brochure sent to an 11 year old. …and asking for money. So now I am fighting mad, but do not know the best way to fight this…so if you gots any ideas let me know. By the way I am an ex-pat (Canadian) living in california.


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  1. Charles,

    I thought it was strange a few years back, when the ergo, lulu lemon starbucks, double mocha low fat latte moms ditched Barbie for pre- arranged let’s infect- our- kids- all- at- once- with play date, chicken-pox parties.

    The eco Bush/Harper bashers roam within Ontario’s borders as well as California’s. You have Al Gore, we have David Suzuki. There was a time when you could shut the door in the face of a roaming Jehovah’s witness….now our kids are coming home with pledge forms to save trees.

    It seems that school boards in both Canada and the United States are quite comfortable in using our children as advertising agents for their mealy-mouthed leftist garbage. I confront the same thing, daily and it’s infuriating. Take heart; in the end, she’ll listen to you.


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