so my 12 year old daughter started a new school last wednesday. A highly recommended school here in Los Angeles where good school surely are at a premium….now schools here are obviously left leaning, but I was hoping maybe , just maybe, this school would teach the real curriculum for at least a month or two before getting into the heavy lefty indoctrinating,….but, but noooooooooooooooo!!! now my little girl is in grade 7 and today she had science class…I say science class..(–biology–disecting and all that good stuff) and so when I picke dher up I was excited to hear if they had cut into their first lobster (that’s right lobster,,,no frogs here , after all, we are in la la land.)..but what she told me was that the teacher had been doing something called inferencing and he had inferenced that Bush was a moron for going into Iraq. That he had no business attacking a country that had no citizens on the old plane/bombs. and trha it was stupid… you say, uh, um, er… what does that have to do with SCIENCE, exactly? well of course it has nothing to do with it, but what really pisses me off is this….it was only her second class of the year and the first real class of work….first friggin class and already the fucking teacher is spewing this bullshit …in a god damn science class.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh…..ok,,,,ok now what do I do? I already reeducated my daughter (and her friend), but waht about the teacher? say something ? let it go? it is just so infuriating….I send her to school to be educated, to learn to read and write and add and do projects and in that learning coupled with the news and discussions at home and school she will come to her own political and moral etc . decisions….. I fully get that she will start out a lefty here, but I just want her to have a shot at being smart….oh well any advice is appreciated.

thank god it is always warm here….

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