Dr. Andrew Bostom pushes back on a radio host pushing phoney mask policy

This particular host, as I understand the back story, was lobbing shots at Dr. Bostom on his RI talk show quite frequently. He is lucky he just got this and not a law suit. Here Dr. Bostom, who took the RI government to court over mask mandates, gives him back a little. It’s quite entertaining! Especially as we aren’t used to hearing non-leftists fighting back as a rule.

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4 Replies to “Dr. Andrew Bostom pushes back on a radio host pushing phoney mask policy”

  1. I have family in RI. My cousin wears THREE masks and she got J&J double-jabbed as soon as she could. She’s not into another jab after I talked sense into her a few weeks ago. But, she still wears three masks.

    • I saw a guy today at a post office wearing 3 masks AND a stupid plastic shield.

      At that point he actually does have an illness. And in a way, he is protecting us from it. Since chances are we wouldn’t be able to understand a word they said.

      • YES, that’s the way I see it although they are unaware that almost all cases are contracted in the home. When we see such people, we should thank them or give them the OK hand signal.

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