As the shots fail and present more danger, the pressure to take them goes upwards: Links 1, December 17, 2021

1. Biden tells us all a scary story for Christmas

(So the narrative goes like this. The ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work on the new “omicron” variant because its so different than the legacy strain. So the only protection from it is more of the same vaccine that doesn’t work. Ok then.)

2. Boris accused of attending ANOTHER lockdown party: PM ‘joined pizza and wine bash with 20 staff in No10 during in May’… a month after he left hospital following intensive care Covid battle

Boris Johnson has been accused of attending yet another lockdown-busting party – this time just a month after his battle with Covid during the nation’s first lockdown.

The Prime Minister reportedly joined up to 20 members of Downing Street staff inside and in the gardens of No. 10 during a late-spring celebration that featured beer, wine and pizza on May 15, 2020.

Hours earlier, the then Health Secretary Matt Hancock hosted a press conference in which he revealed 384 people had died of Covid – before later heading to Downing Street’s gardens for a ‘debrief’ with the Prime Minister.

3. Trudeau’s personal thugs beat up David Menzies of The Rebel

4. Dr. Charles Hoffe speaks at the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials in Victoria BC

5. Evasive answer by judge being vetted for higher role. Clearly Senator Kennedy is trying to expose a communist being groomed for high office. “Should criminal acts be forgiven in the name of social justice?”

Thank you M., Shelagh, Yucki, Hellequin GB., Johnny U., Paul B., Sassy, EB., ET., rdawg and many many more who are riding and staying on top of these critical issues like a mechanical bull.


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10 Replies to “As the shots fail and present more danger, the pressure to take them goes upwards: Links 1, December 17, 2021”

  1. The mail in guy reports from the funny farm:

    Yes, schools should be open simply because children have a 99.997 chance of surviving Covid/ ALPHA/ BETA/ Delta/ Omnicron/ Fuaciflu/ Klaus Schwab plague.

  2. 3- If they’ll beat a well-known journalist on camera imagine what this Belarus-Of-The-West will do to we nobodies when no one is looking.

  3. ITEM 5: Communism and Social Justice. They are everywhere.

    “Does the CCP control Extinction Rebellion?
    Western activists are blind to President Xi’s ambition”

    A few blocks away from Tiananmen Square, amid the cavernous splendour of the Beijing Hotel Convention Centre, an array of senior Communist Party officials gathered in September to proclaim a clear message: by “focusing on cutting carbon emissions… China will promote green development, and continuously improve its ecology”. The annual general meeting of the China Council for International Co-operation on Environment and Development (the CCICED) was in full swing.

    What was remarkable about this meeting, though, was the surprising presence of an external delegation: joining the CCP apparatchiks on a collection of screens dotted around the room were a number of enthusiastic Britons and other Westerners. According to the official conference report, the “foreign committee members and partners lauded China’s ecological civilisation building and its new and greater contributions to promoting the construction of a clean and beautiful world”.

    Who were these people? Strange to tell, they consisted of a veritable Who’s Who of British, European and American climate activists.

    Here, for example, was Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, Chairman of the Grantham Centre on Climate Change at the London School of Economics, and a longstanding government adviser who wrote a report for Blair’s Labour government on the need to go green. He told the meeting the world is beginning a “new growth story” that “fits well with China’s vision of an ecological society”.

    Here too was Kate Hampton, chief executive of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), which is mainly bankrolled by the billionaire Sir Christopher Hohn, a key financial backer of Extinction Rebellion and one of the world’s biggest sources of green largesse.

  4. Biden could more honestly quote Scrooge and say ‘They had better die and decrease the surplus population’. Because this is still Malthusian Political Economy.

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