France protests Macron’s new mandatory vaxx in all but name

**UPDATE** Oz-Rita tells us that although its hard to find in official channels just yet, it is widely known that police are EXEMPT from Macron’s new Vaxx-class system. Meaning police do not need to have had the injections in order to enjoy normal life.

And now this:

Florian Phillip OT just talking said that they have voted for an excemption of the Vax pass for the MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT AND THE SENATORS.!!!!!!

Please see the comments for the videos and news items on what promises to be a day of serious unrest across France today


Macron uprising: Major French rebellion as ‘phenomenal’ revolt planned –President on brink

EMMANUEL MACRON is facing a “phenomenal” protest on Saturday against his latest coronavirus rules, also dubbed “shame health pass” laws.

The French President submitted legislation to parliament which will stop people entering restaurants and bars without a “health pass”, showing they are vaccinated, have had a recent negative test, or have immunity from COVID-19. Opponents say the state is, de facto, forcing people to get jabbed.

The new rule has attracted criticism from politicians across all parties in France and abroad.

Last weekend, police estimated that 100,000 people joined protests against the measures – some of them under the banner of the Yellow Vests. And another round of protests is planned for this weekend.



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  1. LYON

    Me, my wife and my son went to Lyon to demonstrate, Bellecour was cordoned off by the police, so we went to another location and demonstrated there. After an hour and a half we decided to head to Bellecour despite the use of tear gas there by the police as it was where most of the demonstrators were. But we were then drenched by a thunder storm. Totally soaked we decided to return home.

  2. The implications of the Police and Parliament being exempt from the mandatory Vaxx are chilling, It looks like the neo feudal system Macron wants has three classes, the Elites, the police and the serfs.

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