Chris Sky arrested for not wearing a mask?

The modern generation of communists and tyrants have learned not to frighten the sheep by attacking with too broad a weapon. They tend to pick off the leaders of the resistance by profile in order to demoralize the rest of us, and knowing that our own sense of need to believe we live in a just society, will force us justify fascist actions of the state, as somehow deserved.

In this case, the man who led the way showing us that we can refuse to take the tests and refuse to be ‘quarantined’ without a trial or due process, is being arrested, allegedly for shopping with no mask on. A high profile target indeed and a major obstacle to the acceptance of total state control.

A week or so ago, we wrote an article about how, seemingly, starting with the smoking ban in Ottawa, governments learned to blow past constitutional or basic rights by writing legislation that seemed reasonable because of clear work arounds built into them, and then not allowing the work arounds or exemptions.

Clearly that is what they did with the mask law. They wrote it so anyone who was uncomfortable wearing one, wouldn’t have to, and also did not have to show proof that they could not wear one medically. That immediatly changed to even if you had a doctors note and produced it, the store would be held liable by the government and closed or fined enormously, so the stores made sure exemptions wouldn’t be allowed.

And now we have this: (Language)

No idea whats going on with this video. Until I hear from the involved party I will assume this is censorship and post it below. If Chris Sky does not want it seen at this point for any reason, please let me know in the comments for this post and I will take it down.

Thank you Kontrarian Kim

I can’t find the recent article we did on smoking bans, but here is one from December 2020

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3 Replies to “Chris Sky arrested for not wearing a mask?”

  1. Crazy? Yes. Troublemaker? Yes. Heroic passive resistor during a time of sneaky governmental overreach? Absolutely.

    Never expect the guy on stage to be the same as you when he sits beside you quietly at the bar during a break in his performance. He is not the same as you.

  2. What is quality of life, who gets to determine that. In a democracy I use to think everyone had the right to do what they could to live a normal life. I thought nobody could take your rights away from you.

    Yesterday I had to go for a check up – my COVID eye. After months and months of waiting, I was sent to a specialist who determined I had a detached retina. I was operated right away and had a gas bubble put in my eye. Three months later, I went to the Doctor for new glasses. Because of the long wait, I have nerve damage.

    I wore a mask just like all the other sheep are required to do in order to enter. Today I have a rash all over my face and it hurts to wear my glasses.

    I usually can only tolerate going 2 places before I have trouble breathing, since I am allergic to the hand sanitizers the sheep are slathering on themselves.

    I am no longer young, I have never been sick, it is almost funny how terribly tired I am of feeling terrible because we have so many who cannot think for themselves. The Great Reset is making people sick, along with the seasonal flu.

    As for the gene therapy, NOBODY has the right to mandate we all must have it. I only put antifreeze in my car. Stick your stay home, stay safe, wear your mask and shut up propaganda, some of us ain’t taking it anymore.

    Mandate the end of some politicians.

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