Hydroxychloroquine: A study of studies

Many at this site, certainly including its author, has had a strong feeling that the banning of Hydroxychloroquine early on, points to the very core of the reality, whatever that may be, of Covid 19. We tracked how a couple of studies had been faked, or major medical magazine published utter rubbish about it. Publications like The Lancet, and the New England Journal of Medicine. It turns out that the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based medicine produced a study panning HCQ because they elected to use it as a poison, rather than a medication by administering it at two to what, eight times? the recommended maximum dose.

In the video below, Dr. John Campbell goes in to great detail on all these studies. And for the most part, those of us who smelled fraud and misdirection around HCQ are vindicated.

However, I was very wrong about one major aspect of the way I thought about the use of HCQ. Many of the studies used Hydroxychloroquine alone, or with ZPAC, a popular antibiotic used to treat the opportunistic respiratory infection that causes a cytokine storm, which often occurs in advanced Covid 19 infections and is frequently the ultimate cause of death. But the person who first brought HCQ to our attention, Dr, Zev Zelenko, explains why HCQ works at all. He claims that HCQ is what is called, a Zinc ionophor. That is to say, it allows zinc to permeate the cell more easily, and it is the zinc that stops the virus from reproducing, and so HCQ in the absence of Zinc is like testing drivers to see if wine causes judgement issues by getting subject to drink grape juice.

To my surprise though, it turns out that HCQ has something very close to a THIRTY PERCENT reduced mortality rate ALL ON IT’S OWN without any Zinc in the mix at all!

Sometimes its great to be wrong.

Post Script:

Since HCQ was made impossible to get for treatment of Covid19, people turned to another zinc ionophor, Quercetin. Its not as effective at getting zinc into cells, but it still works and is recommended by Zev Zelenco as a prophylaxis.

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9 Replies to “Hydroxychloroquine: A study of studies”

  1. The campaign against hydroxychloroquine proves beyond doubt that the entire COVID-19 “pandemic” is nothing but a cruel murderous psychopathic hoax. If they were serious about this so-called “pandemic” they would have reached for HCQ right away for all the reasons Trump gave, including the fact that it’s well tested and has virtually no dangerous side-effects no matter what Fauci-the-liar says. This and the way they’ve inflated the death-rates and insisted on mask-wearing when it is not needed to prove my point. They just want to do as much damage to our countries as they can. That’s all this is about…

    • I am right there with you. But mainly it was about cheating the election with mail in voting. Which is why the last US election was so totally impossible.

      • You got that right, this was about removing Trump so they could take over, their problem is that Biden isn’t up to the job and their fractured command structure is giving the Red State Governors time to orginize.

    • Come to think of it, if they had taken Trump’s advice and tried hydroxychloroquine and if that brought the “pandemic” under control then they are probably right in thinking Trump would have become unbeatable in 2020. So it is logical that the entire COVID-19 “pandemic” has been aimed entirely at the Presidency of Donald Trump. Unbelievable… The Democrats would kill thousands of people and destroy the American economy just to win a Presidential election. That’s positively terrifying…

      • These are very sick people. They didn’t care how many died. I have physicians in my family who started taking HCQ at the beginning as a prophylactic. Doctors knew. We could have saved thousands with early treatment but no, orange man bad killed them. Dead. Never to return. Evil.

  2. Hey, the Dems were quite happy to delay funding to millions of businesses and children in dire need in late 2020, many of whom will suffer for the rest of their lives, some of whom will take their own lives. So what’s a few more deaths?

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