Wife of jailed pastor speaks to Tucker, Biden falls up the stairs 3 times: Links 1, March 19, 2021

1. Putin challenged Biden to a real time same room public debate unscripted. How do you all think that would go?

2. Tucker Carlson speaks to the wife of a jailed pastor in Canada.

3. Live Stream last night by Brad Johnson. We are still working out how to operate the software at my end. but it more or less worked and is watchable and listenable.

4. Bangladesh: Hindu village attacked by “Hard line Islamists”, a word we invented in order not to say muslims. Which is what they are, and the reason they did this.

5. The father who was JAILED for speaking out against the sterilization and surgical mutilation of his teen daughter.

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If he hadn’t stolen the presidency from the American people, I wouldn’t laugh at this:




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6 Replies to “Wife of jailed pastor speaks to Tucker, Biden falls up the stairs 3 times: Links 1, March 19, 2021”

  1. “Putin challenged Biden to a real time same room public debate unscripted. How do you all think that would go?”

    I’d say that Putin would trash him, even if held without translators, in English.

    Putin’s English isn’t great (unlike his German) and it’s only very rarely that he’ll be heard on camera speaking English, but it’s probably “good enough” to deal with Biden, from what I’ve heard of it.

  2. Putin would make Biden look like a fool, just as the Chinese are doing in the meetings in Alaska. Our external enemies know that Biden isn’t in control and that this is a command weakness they can exploit. They (the Chinese) will keep pushing and will probably attack Taiwan in either April or October (I think that is when the second time the Straits are calm enough for an invasion). Japan, Australia and India are on their own, our fractured command structure will prevent any coordinated response from the Quad. Our allies in the Far East know this and the smaller nations are once again making friendly with China like they did under Obama. The remaining members of the Quad have a decent chance of winning a brief shooting war against China over Taiwan or the Senkaku Islands. It will be a harder fight then if we were assisting like we should, but they stand a good chance of stopping China from stealing anymore land.

    Putin, Erdogan and the Mullahs are watching what is happening and all are thinking of moves they can make once China starts the action. This is going to prevent the European Nations that want to help resist China from sending any military aid.

    This weakness may (probably will) help the counter revolution resist the communist takeover of the US. The fractured command structure will lead to conflicting orders to our Federal Police and military, this will give the Counter Revolution Governors a good chance to prevent the politicized military and police from taking over all of the states. This will give us a good chance of restoring some form of the Republic after the main portion of the Civil War is over.

  3. There’s no question about it. We’ve seen Biden commit gross corruption live on video so we know he is corrupt and so do the Chinese who absolutely certainly have enough evidence on Biden and his criminal son to put the both of them in Fort Leavenworth for life. Knowing that, we know that Joe Biden is under the thumb of the Communist Chinese and cannot do anything that would make them angry.

    If any President really, really needs to be impeached it is Joe Biden. He is obviously an enemy asset working for the Chinese Communist Party. Look at what Biden’s doing now. It’s as if they put an insane chimpanzee in the control room and it’s just pulling levers and pushing buttons at random as things explode, sparks fly, and buildings fall down…

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