What inspired Democrats to start killing centrist Americans?

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  1. The Democrats are not going to stop until forced to stop by people who have had enough of their violence, Trump will win in November but that won’t stop the violence. The Dems have decided that what we the people want doesn’t matter and that only a totalitarian government left by the Dem leaders can be tolerated.

  2. Up here, Richard, the socialist media can’t see PT winning. They’re totally blind. Once the election is over and PT has won the commies won’t miss a beat. The mayhem will continue and increase because they are radical ideologues. The only reason Canada doesn’t fall is because it already has, but it just doesn’t know it yet.

    • You are right about what is going to happen, when Trump wins that will be the justification for full scale guerilla and terror war. I just posted a Daisy Cousins video in the readers link, it is abut how the SJW types (all of antifa and BLM fits this description) are either borderline or full blown psychopaths. Looking at things through that lens makes a lot of things clearer.

      • Many people are saying that but has anyone considered that DHS, FBI and Justice (Bill Barr) have been hard at work infiltrating these cell groups?

        They are planning to invade D.C. as of September 19, I think, all the way through election day. They want to destroy, they want pure chaos at its worst. Do you not think they are under surveillance?

        Trump doesn’t want a chaotic election day, nor a destructive election win.Trump keeps repeating Law and Order. There is a reason for this.

        • I am not sure they can legally infiltrate radical groups anymore, I think the laws were changed in the 70s to prevent this from happening.

    • Pay attention to what China is doing, they seem to think that once the civil war starts we will be tied up and can’t help anyone resist the Chinese invasions. As bad as things are going to get in the US and Canada the main show, the majority of the fighting and dying is going to take place overseas.

      Watch your 6 and have your bug out bag ready we are going to look back on this time as the semi peaceful time.

  3. Dilley played that clip today on his show. I agree with him.
    The left is trying to bait MAGA. Don’t take the bait.
    On a positive note @ :8:15 Don’t take the bait begins @ 11:34

    Dilley – August 31, 2020

    • They don’t need to bait us, they know that some of us go armed and will defend ourselves, that is all the excuse they need. Also they have primed their base to explode when Trump wins in November, the Dem leaders are getting ready for a full scale guerilla and terror war. They think that their control of the media will give them the edge they need to take control of the nation.

    • Unless proven otherwise, I assume China or Iran have a hand in stirring the cauldron. If that is the case, then why not put on a happy face and issue reassurances that Americans so value our country that we transcend our differences? That’s quite a nice collection of clips. Did they assemble themselves?
      Anyhow, there is a small window of harmony in the Middle East. Undermining America, undermines that window.
      Further, I believe that a legal opinion *was* issued that validated the free speech behind Madonna’s diatribe. Without that disclaimer, the video gives voice to the idea that these free speech acts violate Constitutional standards.

        • Demonrats in cahoots with China and Iran.

          None of them want to see that small window of harmony in the Middle East.

          Disgraceful. And for the Jew-ish Americans among them, it’s a shonda.

  4. If the current crop of radical leftist Democrats are not hounded from power immediately these incidents of political shootings and burnings and beatings and what have you are only going to get worse. With mayors and governors who actually side with the rioters in charge in many places the country is powerless to protect itself from these growing threats. Keep doing what you can to change even a few minds from closed to open. Hand out the red pills and pray…

    People who start riots and burn down buildings and throw things need to be punished quickly and consistently so that Antifa and BLM can see them going to jail as violent offenders and not being let off at the last minute. Nothing draconian, just apply the damn law in the normal way, but apply it for Pete’s sake!

    • The push back hasn’t started yet but if after the election Trump can’t get enough Federal Police to investigate and arrest the leader the push back will start.

    • I want draconian, Chris.
      Chain-gangs rebuilding places of business they burned down. Let them work off their restitution payments.
      No jihadi prison dawa. Re-education camps where they learn real American civics and history.

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