Five items which need to be understood for what they mean to the US today: Links 2, August 31, 2020

1. Car jumps curb and drives on sidewalk in order to hit two Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn NY last night

2. Suspect in deadly Portland shooting describes himself as ‘100% ANTIFA,’ was recently cited for a gun charge but never prosecuted

The suspect being investigated by police for allegedly shooting and killing a Trump supporter in downtown Portland, Oregon, on Saturday recently posted on social media saying that he is “100% ANTIFA” and “willing to fight” in the “war.”

He was also reportedly cited for carrying a loaded gun downtown and interfering with police in July, but was never prosecuted.

Police sources confirmed to the Oregonian that 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl is now the prime suspect in the fatal shooting of Aaron Danielson, a supporter of the conservative “Patriot Prayer” group who was part of caravan of Trump supporters who flooded downtown Portland Saturday in protest of the ongoing riots in the city. […] On his Instagram, Reinoehl also routinely shared troubling messages in support of the Black Lives Matter protests, including a June message in which he described himself as a member of Antifa fighting in a “war” where “there will be casualties.”

3. Canada Post: UPDATE: ‘White Powder’ Prompts Hazmat Response

(we have no idea how the white power got to the post office. But based on how the service has been since January, it certainly wasn’t mailed there)

An “unknown white powder” led to the evacuation of the Canada Post facility on Rothesay Avenue on Monday, said fire officials.

Emergency crews from several agencies were called to the facility on the city’s east side around 11 a.m. Monday.

The Saint John Fire Department and its Hazmat Unit are at the scene, along with the Saint John Police Force and at least one ambulance.

Barry Oickle, a platoon chief with the fire department, said the building was evacuated as a precaution as they work to identify the powder.

4. Public health experts criticize Health Canada’s decision not to approve at-home testing

(Like HCQ, its very important that the public has no control over themselves or their health)

Canadians won’t be getting access to at-home COVID-19 tests, a decision by Health Canada that is being challenged by public-health experts who say at-home testing could play a significant role in managing the pandemic.

They argue that the benefits of at-home testing greatly outweigh any risks.

Dr. Colin Furness, an infection control epidemiologist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto, said that at-home testing could be a powerful way of preventing viral spread. If everyone in Canada were able test themselves every day, he said, then “you’d have no pandemic.”

“I think it’s a travesty that Health Canada would stand in the way of home testing with saliva/paper tests,” he said in an e-mail.

Health Canada, which regulates what medical and diagnostic tests are available on the market, won’t be approving at-home tests for COVID-19 because of concerns about their accuracy when used by the public.

(You can shoot heroin though or smoke crack and Crystal meth. Drive a truck etc. etc.)

5. Man who was with the Patriot Prayers man who was assissinated in Portland has a message for Donald Trump that is worth hearing.

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  1. The US is in a civil war caused by the communists attempts to turn the US into a hell hole like all of the communist nations.

    The Patriot Prayer man is right there will be a lot more blood on the ground before the left is defeated.

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