NZ delays election, Spain demands freedom, Wuhan Flu looks like “The Big Lie” and more: Links 1, August 17, 2020

1. Nigel Farage: Illegal migration poses genuine national security risk

2. Salty Cracker: Three fails for ANTIFA (Language)

(Might be worth pointing out that ANTIFA’s demand for police help at the first possible appearance of needing it is NOT hypocritical, nor is it unplanned. It is a manifestation of Alinsky rule 4, which is on holding the enemy, us, to our own standards to an impossible degree. How that looks in this case, would be creating a powerful incentive for people, even police, to attack them for their actions, and then play victim and if the police protect them its a win for them, and if they don’t, also a win as they get to be the victim of selective enforcement of a ‘racist and biased’ police force. The example Alinsky gives is “If they say they will answer every letter, flood them with 30,000 letters”. But if there is one thing that the left excels at, it is extrapolating on tactics like this. From Critical Theory, which we have seen morphed into weaponized language which has done an unimaginable amount of damage, to dialectic negation, which now cancels entire nations, or very nearly has. Forcing the police to fear and hate them while ANTIFA is protected by the Police’s own limits on rules of engagement, as it were, to at the drop of a hat, forcing the police to protect ANTIFA from people the police actually like and side with, is a very powerful use of Alinsky 4. Doesn’t really work when the police change rules of engagement though. But really the answer should be use of National Guard or a similar perhaps private militia with no incentive to protect them at all.)

3. President Trump Considering Pardoning Whistleblower Edward Snowden

During President Trump’s interview with the New York Post on Thursday, the name of whistleblower Edward Snowden came up in the context of the spying by the Obama administration on the Trump campaign now coming to light. Said the president,

When you look at [former FBI Director James] Comey and [former FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe, and [former CIA Director John] Brennan — and, excuse me, the man that sat at this desk, President Obama, got caught spying on my campaign with Biden. Biden and Obama, and they got caught spying on the campaign….

Snowden is one of the people they talk about. They talk about numerous people, but he is certainly one of the people that they do talk about.

I guess the DOJ is looking to extradite him right now?… It’s certainly something I could look at. Many people are on his side, I will say that. I don’t know him, never met him. But many people are on his side.

At a press briefing Snowden’s name came up again:

4. BLM mob beat white man unconscious after making him crash truck

A mob of Portland Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants forced a white man to crash his truck, and then punched and kicked him unconscious, disturbing footage shows.

A series of clips on social media shows the victim being surrounded in his white truck at 10.30 p.m. Sunday as others attacked his wife, who was punched and even tackled to the ground during the violent melee.

“He didn’t do nothing!” someone could be heard calling as others punched the driver as he sat in his truck, which was also repeatedly kicked.

The unidentified driver eventually sped off, with the mob chasing him — with some heard loudly laughing when he crashed into a light pole, according to the clips.

He was dragged from the truck and tackled to the ground — getting repeatedly punched as he tried to call his wife while also pleading with his attackers as he sat on the ground, the videos show.

(Notice how its OK for white people to use the word that starts with the letter between M & O in a highly derogatory way so long as its a Marxist using the term as a weapon.)

5. Comparisons between Wuhan Flu and the Spanish Flu is Goebbell’s Big Lie

6. Madrid: Anti-mask protest (Spanish)

7. EB answers the all important question about defunding the police. Who exactly or what, will replace them?

Here’s your police replacement

2 Video clips – Watch the mutt wearing a “Security” vest & black t-shirt with studs on the sleeves. He’s the guy that kicks the man in the head.

“This is the moment immediately before. The mob assaults him and makes him sit in the ground while they search his belongings. When he stands up, they brutally beat him. “
Andy Ngô – August 17, 2020 – Twitter

8. Communist leader of New Zealand, PM Ardern, delays election by a month becuase of her own policy of total lock down over FOUR CASES. Not deaths, not sicknesses, but CASES.

New Zealand: PM Ardern delays election by a month amid Auckland COVID outbreak

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday <b>a four-week delay in the country’s general election due to coronavirus concerns</b> amid a spike in cases in Auckland.

The country’s election was due to be held on September 19, but Ardern told reporters in Wellington that the recent outbreak “has been cause for concern.”

The election will now be held on October 17, four weeks after the initial date.

“The approximately nine weeks’ time provides sufficient time for parties to plan around a range of circumstances we could be campaigning under, for the Electoral Commission to prepare and for voters to feel assured of a safe, accessible and credible election,” Ardern said.

<b>New Zealand had gone 102 days without any COVID-19 case</b> and life had returned to normal for most.

Earlier this week <b>however</b>, Auckland went back into lockdown. On Monday, nine new cases were confirmed, bringing the total of cases to 58. The origin of the cluster is yet unclear.

The New Zealand PM said she does not intend to change the election date again.

Thank you EB., PC., Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, Hellequin GB., Babs, C., and all who sent in materials today.

One more on the attempted murder in Portland

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  1. 4. “BLM mob beats white man unconscious after making him crash truck: video” By Lee Brown – August 17, 2020


    As the mob dispersed to watch another fight, the main offender circled back around — kicking the defenseless driver in the face from behind, instantly knocking him out with his head cracking on the road.

    “What the f–k is you talkin’ about, n—er!” the attacker screamed after the thud of his victim’s head hitting the ground.

    The victim was then shown bleeding from a large wound in the back of his head as he appeared unconscious throughout another almost 2½-minute clip. His wife was shown sobbing nearby as the mob held her back and appeared to rifle through his truck.

    Police in riot gear had to assist ambulance crews helping him as they were confronted by “a hostile crowd,” Portland police said in a release.

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