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2 Replies to “Brad Johnson update on the killings in the communist occupied section of Seattle called “CHAZ””

  1. I predict that the vote won’t matter so long as the “Fifth Estate” bureaucrats and other government workers do not support who is in office. A President who lacks support won’t be able to govern effectively. Having a deal-maker as the Executive Branch isn’t working domestically, but I don’t know what would.

    Yellow-on-black “resist” lawn signs throughout the neighborhood and daily marches in public areas make the animus coming from Federal workers palpable. My friends who have lived through overthrows in Iran and Hungary count as a blessing each day with food and without violence. Even President Lincoln couldn’t avoid war.

    • Support is more then the media supporting the President, it is also the voters supporting the President. The vote in the November election is going to be very important, it will determine if we have an asymmetric civil war started by the left or if we have a massive upraising of the people who just want to be left alone. You will notice that both of my endings is a civil war, that is because the left is so determined to have a civil war. A war they can’t win but think that the media will win it for them.

      The 25th Amendment limits anyone person to 10 years as President (FDR was President for life (probably by crooked elections) and one was enough). This means that after Trump wins in November he has nothing to lose, he can’t run for President again so he is free to do things that might have stopped his re-election. The left is going to hate the way he moves to drain the swamp and save liberty.

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