The choice of statues destroyed are conclusive proof this is about destruction of American history and not race: Links 2, June 202020

1. Leftists causing medically measurable levels of cognitive dissonance at Trump Rally location

2. Mass stabbing in Reading UK, close to BLM demo. Suspect thought to be a Libyan.

Reading stabbing: Three people dead after attack in British city

Three people have died and two are in critical care in hospital after a mass stabbing in Reading, a UK city located west of London.

A distressing video shared on social media shows four people on the ground in a park, surrounded by witnesses and police officers.

In the footage, officers are seen giving CPR to the victims, who are covered in blood.

One person can be heard shouting, “He’s still breathing,” while another is asking for a defibrillator.

The UK Telegraph reports three people were declared dead at the scene and two were transferred to the emergency department at Royal Berkshire Hospital. […]


“[He] suddenly shouted some unintelligible words and went round a large group – of around 10 – trying to stab them.

“He stabbed three of them severely in the neck, and under the arms and then turned and started running towards me when we turned and started running,” he said.

As usual, the Daily Mail has it best.

Three people are killed and three more seriously injured in suspected terrorist stabbing attack ‘by a Libyan man’ in a Reading park two hours as man is arrested at the scene ‘by hero policeman who rugby-tackled him’

A security source told the Press Association that the man who has been arrested is Libyan and that the attack is thought to be terror related. 


A distressing video posted on social media showed four wounded people lying on grass in the park as police officers gave them CPR.


An air ambulance was pictured landing near the scene of the stabbings before it carried the injured victims to hospital.     


Forbury Gardens is the site of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest which took place earlier on Saturday but ended two hours before the stabbings. A woman who helped organise the protest said they were ‘peaceful’ and had nothing to do with the attack. 

3. A short history of the Black Lives Matters movement

(We at VladTepes has been saying since the start, that what we see is a communist insurgency using race as a totem. This is now confirmed from BLM itself. But it didn’t need it. ANTIFA and other communist group actions in front of and behind BLM shows that at the very least, BLM are useful idiots for a communist revolution. But they are not. They are fully cognizant of the Marxist nature and ambitions of the group.)

4. BLM “Peaceful protestors yank down a statue of a general who won the Civil War for the North, then started a militia to destroy the KKK after the war.

5. June 5 article from Rich Higgens on Unconstrained Analytics website on how this communist insurgency has been planned for MONTHS ahead of the death of George Floyd.

6. Even the Pope seems to have stopped pretending not to be a communist

7. Buffalo Chronicle publishes more on Trudeau’s separation from his now ex-wife, Sophie.

It was also the Buffalo Chronicle, if memory serves, that published all the photos of Trudeau in Black Face. I wonder how they always manage to get all the Trudeau news when Canadian news does not? Or perhpas more accuratly asked, why does it take a small US paper to have the guts to publish materials unflattering to Trudeau when all the might of the CBC and other Canadian media won’t DARE to publish it. Like this one for instance. And it would not take much effort to find massive stories on Brian Mulroney that Canadian media did on his private affairs which were highly played by CBC and of much less importance.

8. A short reminder of what police actually have to put up with.

Thank you ML., M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, ET., EB., PC., Fred AM., and all who made the effort to post links and thoughts.

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5 Replies to “The choice of statues destroyed are conclusive proof this is about destruction of American history and not race: Links 2, June 202020”

  1. The police are beginning to backslide about the reading attack.
    Not at all surprising with the “grandson of the great mufti of Istanbul”as prime minister.
    The modern tory party is the least british in history yet they have the gall to turn thier spotlight on” foriegners”, nearly always of European ancestry.
    There was a black lives event held in Reading nearby ,it is not inconceivable this may have hyped up this individual ,but my money is on the standard hatred of the infidel (like his fellow libyan terrorist in manchester previously).

  2. “Black Lives Matter” is deserving of nothing but contempt. If there was an “epidemic” of white police officers shooting innocent young black men for no reason then getting away with it when they are caught don’t you think there would be hundreds of videos of anti-black police brutality instead of just a few? Like the anti-Semitic, widely believed “Blood Libel” from “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” that accuses Jews of kidnapping Christian babies and using their blood in their Matza soup it is meant only as an instrument of racial/religious prejudice and is one of the most despicable lies in existence. And damn anyone to Hell for repeating and damn BLM for doing the same thing to white cops. I take Black Lives Matter very personally and I think they all belong in jail. Imagine if the KKK were doing the same kind of stuff BLM are doing right now…

  3. #8
    Another perspective…
    An individual in the midst of a psychotic episode will believe so much that his life is under threat that his uninhibited strength will overpower two officers. Almost anything the officers do will intensify the psychosis and fear. He should not have been able to buy a gun. It is possible that two burly social workers could have sat on him while a psychiatric nurse gave him Haldol injections until he calmed down (assuming that any potential drug interaction was non-lethal). Social workers travel with police back-up; that’s why I am not getting this idea of using social workers instead of police. It is amazing that all three (shooter and policemen) survived this. A comment on the links suggested a product that lasoos and warps a person like an automated strait jacket in order to avoid the close approach of handcuffing.

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