A few minutes before and after yesterday’s perfect space launch

When America, and the West needed a win more than ever, a NASA-Space X joint venture was a massive success. For a feel good few minutes, enjoy this launch into orbit of America’s first homemade spacecraft since before Obama retasked NASA to be a Muslim outreach organization.

Shortly after they cut away from the astronauts, the head of NASA talked about President Trump’s presence at the event. It was so refreshing to hear something positive about the president in this video. Sadly, I stopped recording before they got to that part. But one of the main points was that President Trump had taken quite a risk to attend this event. Had the launch failed or worse, scorn would be heaped upon President Trump like fertilizer to a mushroom farm. The success of course, would not be credited to him. So it’s a no win. But he went anyway. The sign of a man who operates on principle instead of optics.

Perhaps if time permits that segment can be located and added to this post.

Meanwhile, a reminder of the Obama legacy of NASA and space travel.


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  1. I am certain CNN et al were quietly hoping the launch would fail. I have to agree with VLAD, as most of us here probably do, Trump took a huge risk but Trump is all about integrity.

    Dragon crew are NOW about to dock and hatch:

  2. This launch was very important for two reasons,

    1) The US has returned to space despite all the left has done to keep us out of the space game we are once again players who are leading the way.

    2) This launch was done by private industry, it wasn’t done on a government rocket but by private industry. Obama and the left thought that no one private company would spend the money to research and build space craft. Now we have proven them wrong and are headed back into space and this time we are going to stay in space. The mineral resources of the Solar System are ours to harvest, mankind has moved to our destiny as a space faring race. We are now going to discover if the late Dan Alderson (When he was alive the JPL called him their tame genius.) he said that 20 years after we go into space to stay we would have a working interstellar drive (a faster then light drive) and would be exploring the galaxy.

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