The Rebel: Woman with a sign for an election gets home attacked with racist graffiti

From Xanthippa, who sent the video in:

Rachel Notley is the socialist leader of Alberta, which is about to have an election.  One family had a ‘Stop Notley’ sign on their lawn – and their home (with a daycare business) was vandalized with racist graffiti.

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3 Replies to “The Rebel: Woman with a sign for an election gets home attacked with racist graffiti”

  1. Socialist always attack the people who oppose them, they can’t win in the arena of ideas and have to resort to destorying their political enemies.

  2. One cannot have different thoughts other than those approved of by the people’s court in a socialist state. Otherwise you will be ruined, fired from your job, have your family threatened, and your property destroyed. Then you will get a free train trip to a people’s resort featuring free showers.

    Greedy, lazy, stupid people believe liberals/leftists/marxists/communists/progressives. Just as the mouse believes the cheese in the trap is free.

  3. It is precisely crimes like this that are deflating every last iota of sensationalism from words like “Nazi” and “Racist”. As these totally unfounded smears become more common (and growing numbers of citizen journalists gain expanded audiences) a few things become predictable:

    • Words like “Nazi” and “Racist” will not only be stripped of any original meaning, but will become dog-whistle labels-of-convenience to incite all forms of harm and violence against Conservatives, especially Whites (Conservative or not.

    • Continued marginalizing by Leftists and a scorched earth policy regarding any middle ground means that rational centrists either will radicalize or “walk away” from their original partisan affiliation. This may be where the RINOs and NeverTrumpers finally figure out that it’s time to fight or fuck fish or cut bait. More important, it’s where Conservatives potentially will learn that their cause may be better served by jettisoning such traitors from the get-go.

    • This deprivation of meaning will, in turn, facilitate a rebirth of those historic practices without any credible (or unpunished) voices to raise the alarm. It is the Alex DeLarge Syndrome whereby abhorrent (and aberrant) behavior is cleansed—like violence from priceless Looney Tunes animation—out of memory only to create a fatal gap in defenses.

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