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9 Replies to “Hate crimes on the rise in France: DAILY attacks on Christians”

  1. Two points to remember, Putin is positioning himself as being the defender of the faith and he is suppose to be a believing member of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Second both Islam and Marxism hate Christianity, the Moslems are carrying out the attacks and the Marxist Media are covering for them.

    • It could be leftists and it could be Muslims. When you see Alexandria Ocasio Cortez sitting with her friends Omar and Tlaib there can be little doubt of an alliance between the Muslims and the leftists. They know they will have to fight each other one day but for now “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and they have each other’s backs for the foreseeable future. How’s it going to be when it’s not just three women in the pro-Muslim contingency but thirty and then forty as Dearborn Michigan and Minnesota continue to send representatives to Congress and Latino leftists join their ranks from all over the country? The US is being invaded by clever little monkeys indeed as their lawyers make sure it’s all perfectly “legal” and the act of resisting is criminalized while the average person hasn’t got a clue it’s even happening…

      Those three women are what is known as “enemy agents.” and they are at war with the United States of America…

      • Yes they and others like them are the internal enemy that I talk about, they are showing this to the people who are still capable of independent thought. It will be a long hard struggle but in the end we will win.

    • “Italy: Steve Bannon’s populist academy in the Trisulti monastery | Focus on Europe”
      DW News – Published on April 13, 2019

    • Those are the tactics that they Moslems use, destroy everything that doesn’t belong to the Moslems and erase the past. The Moslems cry when this is done to their culture but think nothing of doing this to other cultures. This is another way Islam and the left are alike, they destroy the past to try and maintain control of the present and future.

  2. The left can’t survive the tards. Unless they go full Putin-Grozny … or Xi-Uyghur

    The Bad News: Whichever one of those is the lesser of two evils, the Left doesn’t even have the oysters for that.

    The Good News: Whichever one of those is the lesser of two evils, the Left doesn’t even have the oysters for that.

    As in: No credible strategic threat to anyone except themselves (and the few they can take down with them before their whole ideological ship capsizes hits the fan).

    Take a glance at the Left’s wildly hypocritical pronouncements regarding Trump’s threat promise about busing undocumented aliens into sanctuary cities faster than scabs to a wildcat strike. Like that

    The Really Good News: Just like how Neo-Conservatives usually are freshly mugged Democrats, these American wilkommenskultur loons are going to enjoy plenty of opportunities to become Conservatives (or learn to lay back and enjoy it).

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