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2 Replies to “A good compilation video showing a fraction of the contemptible collectivist bias of the BBC”

  1. The left worked long and hard to take control of all of the news organizations, just when they thought they had total control technology created the internet and they lost control. The left is now trying to delay things until the various governments have control of the net and are limiting what can be said on the net.

    The left losing control of the Western Nations because they no longer control what people hear, and they are going to lose control of the governments because the little people are figuring ways around the attempts of the left to limit free speech. The more they violate peoples rights the angrier the people get, and the more the people work to keep the government from controlling everything.

    The actions the left are taking to prevent the people from revolting are fueling the civil wars, no matter what happens the left is losing. Some of the Western Nations, possibly even most of the Western Nations may fall into strong man rule. But the strong men won’t be leftists.

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