So a muslim decides to get more religious and stab two Jewish people at a market…

Thank you C for finding and translating this video. Interesting how the PM of the Netherlands and all his minions aren’t running around in skull caps and playing Torah readings at all the schools.

Video of the actual attack:


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5 Replies to “So a muslim decides to get more religious and stab two Jewish people at a market…”

    • Death, that’s what.
      Still haven’t seen dutch MSM do proper reporting on this, just 3 lines saying it was a “neighborly dispute”. Looks like the press is geslighting. I suspect they’re taking orders from politicans who fear that people might vote for the “wrong” parties.

      State media did a short expose on terrorism last week. They mentioned polarization between left and right, and ow this can escalate from activism to terrorism. They failed to mention the Man with the Beard.
      Neither left nor right attacked in the last 18 years, at least nothing that resulted in injury or death. But over the last year 4 dead and 9 wounded fell in Attacks of Peace. Also, many Peaceful plots were thwarted.
      Then there’s the grey area attacks, that may be “hate crimes”, the hate being motivated by islamic supremacism. Just one example:

      ..and all the crimes they commit, the theft and vandalism, torching police cars etc. That’s low-level civil war. It’s the same jihadi mentality that’s behind it. Many of the idiots who joined ISIS were that kind of wangster street punk.

  1. Like Mimi said they fought back hard, imagine what they could have done if they had been allowed to carry weapons.

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