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3 Replies to “Restored: A reminder of what is said in mosques in Canada”

  1. Salami & bacon to all Mohammedan readers! Happy happy joy joy! Here in Dar al-Islam, the Islamic realm of war, you’ve got it very good. You’ve got the gov’t on your side (treason) and we’ve got your sermons (sedition) and “holy” texts of war.

    There will be blood, not for any other reason than we’re dealing with Mohammedans who are encouraged to indulge in violence, and they have, throughout their history up to the present moment. The world will never be the same and no one will ever forget the role of gov’t traitors in conjunction with Islamic goals of subjugation that brought about the end of this once great, fake nation. Moats will be dug. Walls will be raised. Gates will be manned. It’ll be a steampunk distopia; a cross between 1984, Blade Runner and Mad Max.

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