Restored: Videos showing how Islamic immigration led to a failed state in Sweden

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to subscribe to our channel. It is a true distributed and open source social media. While it does have its limits, it is by far the closest thing to free speech left, now that so-called social media has become a form of left-wing publishing by selective enforcement and deletion against non-leftist authors.

For all of the Washington Times’ and CNN’s faults, at least they pay their writers for the fiction and invention. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube basically do the same thing by controlling what ideas are allowed and  how far they can spread.

Joining and using social media sites like actually is doing something about these issues. You don’t have to send money anywhere, and, although this is a little beyond my understanding, using can actually earn you small amounts of Crypto-currency. Something called ‘tubes’. But the point is, it doesn’t cost you anything except the time to subscribe and follow. We can’t win this if people are not even willing to change platforms. Facebook is like Crack for lots of people I know. Some activists who have all their events ruined deliberately by Facebook insist on continuing to use it. This is asking to lose.

Here is one example:

During his Facebook live stream of the event, Facebook knowingly and deliberately closed down his, and everyone else’s stream that was involved with the protest.

And right while we were filming this interview, Facebook cut off access to his pages to everyone except him. His associates actually cut in during the interview to show us!

The deck is stacked, and the dice are loaded if we keep using platforms that are corrupt, fraudulent and dishonest like Facebook, Google and Twitter. We have to change our behaviour to use real peer to peer technologies. In the spirit of the kind of Samizdat we saw in the Soviet Union, non centralized information sharing is our only chance. So please click over and sign up and follow us, and Robert Spencer who is also there.

Now about Sweden:

I am frantically trying to remember which videos to restore to because the idea of just uploading them all in order, well I would have to hire someone to do that and that’s not in the budget as I am a volunteer myself. But typically its emails or comments from you dear people that remember a video we did and request it, or casual conversations I have with people with remind me of evidence of my claims that get me searching old hard drives for them.

Today, it was about what muslim immigration did to Sweden. Here are a few examples but not the only ones by a large margin.

2016: Swedish police admit they can no longer protect women, ask them to change their behaviour for their own safety.

The New Normal in Swedish schools. A 2018 video.

2017: Police ask for help:

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  1. Also bittube allows you to copy your Videos AUTOMATICALLY from youtube.
    But dont click to many,it will take to long.

    Also bittube has not only this Video Site.
    They had an app for chrome and firefox that gives you also the cryptocurrency for the time you visit a site and also the site owner get it.NO MINERS(everybody can Mine on his own and get 40% the rest is for visitors and owners).THis works also with your own social media sites.
    Also an adblocker is integrated,because bittube want a web without adds.

    Also the cryptocurrency can be payed out in real Money.

    I dont really belive in cryptomoney because normally its just “Mining” without a sense.But for bittube something must be created like a Video or a Website,only then it will be given away.Also its limited-i think to 1 Billion tubes.

    If Article13 in the EU came really im sure youtube will delete most videos-because than they must pay for every copyright fault!

    bittube is made like bitchute against censorship-a video can be delete from the list-but if you have the hashtag you can still watch it.
    the code was made to show censored wikipedia in turkey…

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