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5 Replies to “How to beat your wife”

  1. This video stopped when he went on to talk about beating children.
    “Hit first and explain after.”

    Part 3: “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you.”

  2. “Hey Gloria Steinem and Germain Greer, come on over here a minute, there’s something I’d like to show you”…

    Wouldn’t you like to sit a feminist down and make her watch this video? To just tell her to shut her screeching hateful mouth for one second and actually take some information in for s change? Wouldn’t you like to show her this Muslim man teaching the boy how to beat a woman for disobeying him and wouldn’t you just love to ask Ms. Greer why her kind never seems interested in the misogyny of Islam and chooses to focus entirely on violence perpetrated by white Christian males…? Come on, Gloria. Come on both Naomis. What do you hypocritical evil witches have to say about it? Where are your big fat hateful accusing mouths now? Cat got your tongue…?

  3. If the perp applies for entry to the US, when would the authorities in the state’s port of entry consider charges and at least an order to attend parenting courses, along with a charges of threatening: bodily harm, unwanted touching or battery. The confession is in the video (in simple, repeated words about din and zwajh). I hope someone creates an educational simulation of what happens when charges are filed.

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