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3 Replies to “Life as a German Retired person”

  1. Could somebody please explain to me how it’s a good idea to import huge numbers of poor Third Worlders in view of the fact that there seems to be an affordable housing crisis going on all over the Western World, from California to Germany to Vancouver to Australia? Am I missing some hard-to-grasp economic point? Should I re-read Adam Smith? Am I naive in assuming that a sudden halt to all immigration would set off an increase in available housing along with a subsequent drop in prices and wouldn’t that be a good thing? But then, of course, anyone who talks like that is exactly the same as Adolf Hitler, isn’t he…

    Where is it written that the desired number of people in a country is “zillions”? Why is “teeming” seen as the correct description of the correct city? Would we all die or something if the door suddenly closed and we had to get along with just ourselves for a few years?

    • In fact there are still much german empty flats,but the gov. send the Ref. in% across the country and when they are accepted they can choose their city free-and the Ref. all want only to live in big cities.

      There are even some areas in germany where they destroy 40 year old flats because there are to many flats empty.

      ps:Also OPTIMISTIC Economists say that the Refugees will cost germany 900 Billion Euro.
      And at this time every Industry in germany is dieing-because of stupid Green Ideas.
      Atomic Power-Bad
      So what will Germany sell in the future?

    • This too me is tremendously sad. The German elite don’t care about the old, they only care for their adorable refugees. It’s pure evil. Perhaps Germany can be saved, but for now, most Germans just look away and keep their head down.

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