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6 Replies to “Call to prayer recited in Trafalgar Square, Central London”

  1. And so the Night falls. Centuries from now, if there is a civilized society somewhere, their scholars will look back at the British Empire as having been in general a force for good in the world, with accomplishments, cultural and otherwise, that were mostly positive for both its own people and for others.

    But to have to watch (and listen to) the death throes of a once great nation … is hard.

  2. Good bye Britain ? It was a good run…. we will miss you !! We are sure you will be good slaves for Islam !! Your virtue signaling to the free world has worked out so well for you. …..good bye. ?

  3. Look on the bright side. These arse-lifters are clustering up.

    In a healthy, vibrant West, its enemies will NEVER gather so openly and in such numbers.

    As Matt Bracken pointed out. Like their squalid no-go zones, these are enemy concentrations that can be addressed.

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