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5 Replies to “Disturbing look at the quality of the intellect of the American far left”

  1. As an old hippie who saw the light and moved out of collective group-think, I have to say that the statist progressive left hasn’t changed one bit, even down to their “look.” Wonder how they would fare if their grid went down for days and their water was sludge unfit to drink?

  2. The radical left is trying to replay the 1960s, the big difference is that this time the alternative media exists to spread the truth instead of the propaganda media having a monopoly on informing people of what is happening.

    Having said that the people interviewed have got to be the lowest IQ uninformed people in the US.

  3. These people couldn’t be “woke” with a 2X4. And the Left acts all mystified about why Conservatives call them mentally ill.

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