Restoring the videos that Youtube took special exception to

In the mid February 2019 onslaught of emails from Youtube objecting to, restricting and ultimately banning videos that led to the closure of our Youtube channel, there was maybe a couple of dozen videos they decided to act on. They sent me an email about each one and what they intended to do about them. I wil, as time permits, restore all of them to and ultimately here, so you can all judge for yourself what the real motives of Youtube, or whatever mass reporting agency decided to invest time and effort going over years worth of videos to take the channel down.

Here is one from December 9, 2016 about the brutal rape and murder of a German girl, Maria Ladenburger, who worked with migrants in Germany.

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3 Replies to “Restoring the videos that Youtube took special exception to”

  1. IMO: YouTube removed it because of Merkel’s massive Google lawsuit threat. She wants nothing that disparages her immigration policies or that casts a bad light on her.

    If the original video was a YouTube format, it had a short life and then it was your turn.

    It’s nice to see them again. So many German girls still haven’t learned the lesson.

    Yesterday, in Germany, another 21-year old female was stabbed to death by her Moroccan refugee boyfriend. It occurred in her parents’ home where she was living. The parents took the Moroccan refugee into their home and allowed their daughter to share her bedroom with him. He was such a nice guy!

    • He was such a nice guy!

      Until he wasn’t. By then, it was too late.

      No sympathy. Stop playing with fire and don’t get disfigured so often.

  2. « Refugees » is the non profit organization that take money from taxes payers to be re distribut towards the poors and useful idiots so they do not revolt against the top/élites.

    Look at Europe, Canada & USA.

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