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2 Replies to “Black Pigeon on Hungary’s plan to save itself”

    • I am suspicious of BPS and his attitudes at times yes. And at one point I decided not to post more of his material because of one video, i don’t remember which one. But what is good is good on other subjects. I understand your objection and don’t fault you, but please understand this is not an antisemitic site whatsoever.

      It is getting to the point though where the world is a kind of antisemitic mine field and its increasingly difficult to step anywhere without setting off one. Or perhaps a better example is an antisemitic cow field where sooner or later you have to decide how much crap on your boot makes it not worth walking an extra few feet to get where you are going.

      Still, I admire your standards and sorry to see you go. Come back anytime of course. You are always welcome.

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