Extraordinary testimony of workers at Migrant facilities in The Netherlands

This is a must see-Must pass on video.

It is frankly equally stunning that we are not flooded with this kind of testimony from schools and facilities that deal with muslim migrants constantly. Of course we know why we are not. It is not as if this clip came from Youtube.

Thank you C for this second stunner of the day.

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15 Replies to “Extraordinary testimony of workers at Migrant facilities in The Netherlands”

    • Too right, Sassy! The only compassion they should be shown is professional treatment on the deportation flights. Parachutes optional.

    • Lol that bear trap looked so dirty. Like a sewer on wheels, imagine the smell!
      probably a good metaphor for this school.

    • No, but they won’t be deported either, because their home countries don’t want them back.
      They’ll probably leave the shelter and apply somewhere else. Maybe under an assumed name, with matching fake passport. If they have any ID at all, that is. These guys probably lived in Germany before, they’re drifting around Europe, dealing, stealing and raping as they go.
      I got the impression many end up in Sweden, groups of these punks hang around Stockholm’s main station for example.

  1. The tech giants have driven the alternates to their censorship and now the facts are getting out, this is occuring late but not too late there is still time to save Europe. It won’t be peaceful and probably won’t be semi peaceful but it can and will be done.

      • I haven’t seen comments on your bit.tube channel yet, do you have any idea why that is? Just because it’s new?
        Bitchute does better in this regard, are you considering uploading this video there as well?

        • bit.tube is indeed new. But it really is distributed and videos are not dumbed down to 480 as they are on bitchute.

          BC is still a great platform but I am very suspicious of central servers at this point. Pressure can be applied to the right person or device and it can be taken down. It uses torrenting to move videos from their cloud server to your browser, but as I understand it, it doesn’t really use distributed views the way B.T does and B.T is open source.

          It is also in beta. Join, file a bug report about the way the comments work such as there is no way to tell there are comments under a video, which I think is a giant impediment to starting a community, and see where it goes.

          Again, this is open source so there is no BS about what it does and how it works. I have been burned too many times now by single person or company arrangements. B.T is Samizdat and that is what we need now.

          • I don’t understand what you’re saying about comments. Are you saying there are comments on B.T, but I can’t see them for some reason?
            Yeah BC has lower resolution, but the subtitles look better than on B.T sometimes. My guess is B.T lowers resolution when there’s an issue with transfer speed.
            Btw what happened to Zoxee? The site wants me to log in, both at the main page and some videos I’ve visited before. Did they change their business model, it looks like they want viewers to mine for crypto.
            I can access a few of your videos there though for some reason. But sometimes they get stuck after a second or so, if I reload this sometimes fixes the problem.
            I hope these problems get fixed. In the meantime, wouldn’t it be a good idea to start another YT channel? I guess it will be shut down at some point, just start another.. If they block by IP, you can use VPN.
            If you’re concerned about videos disappearing, maybe it’s an option to torrent an archive of your videos every week or month or so? It’s impossible to take that down, as long as there are seeders. You can post torrent files on this blog, on reddit etc.

          • I just remembered: when gun channels were thrown of YT, some of them went to Pornhub. Not the most obvious move, but PH doesn’t seem to mind, they’re not family-friendly anyway.
            Maybe it’s a bit weird, and maybe not good for the reputation of this blog, but it might be an alternative.

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