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7 Replies to “‘Muslim Community Patrols’ have NYC residents alarmed”

  1. Oh baby. I wish they would have done this when I was a kid. Moving target for snowballs, rocks and even Molotov cocktails. It’s a great rush to get idiots to chase after you.

    No other group would be allowed to drive around in quasi police cars.

  2. You can say what you like about old Pierre Trudeau but if they tried this on his watch he would have come down so hard they wouldn’t have known what hit them. Pierre would have been smart enough to know that such “Muslim patrols” were no less than an act of war and he would have reacted accordingly. His reaction to the FLQ crisis showed his grasp of such situations and his ability to react. These Muslims need to be doing ten-year stretches for attempting to take over the country. Islam is not the law and they shouldn’t be letting them away with this…

  3. Just part of the creation of an enemy beachhead in the Americas. The Islamic rules are incompatible with Western civilization – and the muslims don’t even hide it.

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