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6 Replies to “Cheating on UK Citizenship test, rampant”

  1. “Is it now time for the Home Office to crack down hard.”
    It is way past time in the UK and every other western country. Will they do it?
    Magic ball says no…
    Keep in mind that PM May was the Home Secretary during the start of and the flood of illegals into the UK. She did nothing to curtail it. What makes anyone want to believe that she now wants to control the UK borders?

  2. Here’s the US exam. You need 6 de las 10 to pass. You will be given 10 questions from here. There is a subset if you are 65 years or older and have resided in the US. Si usted tiene 65 años o más y ha sido residente permanente legal de los Estados Unidos por 20 años o más, usted sólo necesita estudiar las preguntas marcadas con un asterisco (*).
    https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Office%20of%20Citizenship/Citizenship%20Resource%20Center%20Site/Publications/PDFs/100q_Spanish.pdf (rev. 01/19)
    89. ¿Qué océano está en la costa oeste de los Estados Unidos?
    ? (el Océano) Pacífico
    90. ¿Qué océano está en la costa este de los Estados Unidos?
    ? (el Océano) Atlántico

    • You left out some other test questions:

      91. ¿Qué océano está en la costa sud de los Estados Unidos?

      ? (el Océano) Rio Grande

      92. ¿Qué océano está en la costa norte de los Estados Unidos?

      ¡¡¡ Agua tan fría que rompe las ostiones congeladas de un hombre!!! ¡¡¡Ay yi yi!!!

  3. In the YouTube comments, some are saying the video dates back to 2010.
    I’m thinking all the cash money these guys made and where did it go.
    I’m also wondering if the Home Office followed through on seeking out and investigating the cheaters.

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