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10 Replies to “There is something truly rotten taking place with the obligation to BREXIT”

  1. The Socialist/Communist running the governments in the Western Nations are so use to the Propaganda Media lying and covering for them they think they don’t have to listen to the people any longer. The people in the various Western nations woke up and are now telling the politicians to return to protecting the citizens and the countries. The left in their arrogance is ignoring the people and are about to end up paying the price tyrants end up paying when the people wake up and get mad.

  2. I take you observation, Richard, and raise you, everything in:

    How about this concept: That the demoralization Bezmenov told us about has been not just successful beyond the wildest dreams of the Soviets, as he said, but now threatens the planet. Every western nation, including the U.S., is approaching a chaotic threshold of some sort. Devoid of moral compass there is no life. Those retaining moral compass–ie the V4–hang on for dear life against western neoMarxism and globalism. If the dynamism of the west explodes, or implodes like an untethered flywheel, who can calculate the collateral damage? In other words postmodernism becomes an underestimated WMD. What will the Russians and the Chinese do with a fractalized west laden with kinetic energy and weapons equal or superior to their own? Any serious dysfunction of western economies portends eastern downfall.

    It will take more than a fancy new fiat currency to hold this shit show together.

    • Any serious dysfunction of western economies portends eastern downfall.

      You got that, I think there will be massive turmoil and chaos in every nation on earth, there will be fighting and changes of government in every portion of earth. The left has managed to collapse Western Civilization and are going to be swept away by the chaos caused by the collapse of the Worlds economy. There will be a very savage Dark Age that hopefully will be brief, if North America and Australia and New Zealand manage to hang onto to some semblence of the rule of law and the idea of individual freedom it will be brief. If not it will last much longer and be even more savage.

      As to a fiat currency holding this (as you well described) shit show together, not a chance. The US and Canada will have an advantage when we go back to precious metal backed currency because we are both major gold producers. Plus we are major producers of petroleum and food, nations like China are going to have to find something to trade with us (something other then a fiat currency) if they want gas, oil and food. We on the other hand are going to have to keep electing leaders who know how to use trace and natural resources as economic weapons to pressure our enemies. Another thing we are going to have to do (probably during the chaos) is remove political correctness/cultural Marxism from our school systems. Especially our Universities, and we are going to have to find some way to get the kids interested in the STEM subjects so we can continue to create new technology during the savage age.

      Remember a Dark Age means a savage age with little respect for other cultures and people thinking might makes right. It doesn’t mean we (with proper educational systems) won’t continue to grow our tech base and develop new products.

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