Pro-destruction of Poland, Mayor of Gdansk, stabbed to death in revenge attack

Edit of text from PI News:

Pawe? Adamowicz, the mayor of Gda?sk for more than twenty years, and the recipient of numerous “mayor of the year” awards, was known for being a big fan of accepting “refugees” and promoting Multiculturalism, and was a strong opponent of the governing Law and Justice Party.

There’s nothing to suggest this was the motive — the knifeman on the stage, known only as Stefan W., said he was “unfairly imprisoned by the former Civic Platform government. This is why Adamowicz has just now been killed.” He was apparently released from prison around a month ago, after a five-year sentence for armed robberies of two banks, and had also received psychiatric treatment.

Nonetheless, as Adamowicz was such a big opponent of the Law and Justice party, this is bound to have repercussions. Fingers are already being pointed at the Right for fomenting a “climate of hate”, especially Polish state TV, TVP, which had run many news segments attacking Adamowicz. Also, this happened at the “Great Orchestra of Christmas help”, a charity event which raises money for equipment for causes such as childrens’ hospitals, but which is organised and promoted by prominent leftists, and attacked by many on the Right as being hostile to Christian values (the head of the campaign, Jerzy Owsiak, has given statements supporting euthanasia and abortion rights, and runs Woodstock, an annual hippie-style concert in Poland).

As such, this may well be a significant moment in Poland, especially during an election year…

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3 Replies to “Pro-destruction of Poland, Mayor of Gdansk, stabbed to death in revenge attack”

  1. I’ve been following this story with some serious trepidations. Poland, or significant portions thereof, has changed hands more times in recent history than any other V4 country. In some ways, it is a coalmine canary for the Visegrád Group due to EU proximity and its more traumatic WWII and Communist maulings.

    With a rich culture endowed by strong intellectual traditions, Poland has made unique contributions and endured unbelievable cruelties. Today, it enjoys a well-deserved reputation in Western Europe as a rich source of skilled human capital.

    The Solidarnosc movement’s important Vatican connection paints a portrait of deep reverence which is contrasted by a more wide open, cosmopolitan post-Soviet trend. Adamowicz’s Progressive agenda is of particular concern because it represents the same path of cultural demoralization (and Cultural Marxism) that has corroded so much of the EU.

  2. Some nutter shouting off the stage is difficult –even for leftist liars–to morph into more than it is. In the UK they tried to do that with the MP Cox murdered by a nutter. In the UK it had some small effect. But the UK has not suffered decades of horrors and tyranny under communism as Poland has. The Polish people would surely be able to see such nonsense for the Marxist lie it is.

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