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5 Replies to “Integration means never having to say you’re sorry”

  1. What she’s saying is:

    Germans have an inferior culture that allows of criticism of her Islamic ideology. That offends her, so she won’t follow its rules. . . .
    Germans have man-made laws she doesn’t agree with so she doesn’t have to obey them. And all the while, the “S” word lurks. But because she’s been taught to be deceitful, she won’t say the word, Sharia.

  2. She has the typical arrogance of the Islamic Invaders, our nations and cultures must change to suit her rather then her integrate in the culture of her new home. This attitude is gong to bring about the much talked about backlash, once the backlash reaches its full potential civilization will fall and the worlds population will drop but hopefully parts of the European cultures that created Western civilization will survive. We must work to preserve as much of our cultures as we can and as much of our freedom as we can, if we keep our cultures and our freedom we can rebuild a civilization.

  3. What a fat bitch , You don’t like it go back to Your Islamic holes , nobody need You anyway, she is probably leaving on hard working Germans ( Hartz 4 ) disgusting what this Germans importing to thier own country..

  4. the fat woman says she was attacked.
    i saw the video from chemnitz and dont saw an attack.
    but she cried 50 again and again RACISTS RACISTS to the people,than police sayed she should go.

    what will happen if a white call RACISTS to Blacks in Africa?they will stone him.

    what she thinked?that the people come to her and say thanx?

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