Four years after Charlie Hebdo attack

First, the official ceremony by government which is of course one massive act of Dhimmitude.

Please allow me to indulge myself by posting the comment I made under this charade at YT.

What a bunch of phoney submissive BS. If they really were there because of the attack, every single one of those Dhimmi bastards would be holding one of the cartoons. This is a lie from the first frame to last to pretend that there is any connection between the French government and the French people, history, culture and values.

Katie Hopkins does a more rational take on this charade.

There will be more on this grotesque side show pantomiming solidarity with freedom of speech when in fact they honour it by its opposite actions. We really are the new Soviet Union.

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  1. We really are the new Soviet Union.

    That we are, and as far as I can see every nation is speeding towards 3rd world Justice systems. I hope freedom will survive in the new world the left has created for us.

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