German Green Party and ANTIFA. A cult like, and totalitarian combination

This was made from excerpts of a long Facebook video by the Green youth in Germany. There is another part to come.

Quoting The translator, MissPiggy on this clip: “This has a sort of Jonestown feel to it”.

It is very cult like.

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3 Replies to “German Green Party and ANTIFA. A cult like, and totalitarian combination”

  1. My ’71 Chev is probably responsible for climate change all on its own, but I’ll take it any day.

    We need a new tax. We’ll call it the Stalin Tax. Every time a person tells a stranger what to do or what to think they pay 10 bucks. How long would these little tyrants last? At least the proceeds would cover their tofu in prison after they defaulted. A little perspective is needed after listening to these Green Avengers:

  2. It is a cult and a very dangerous one, they are going to force us to live the way they want in the name of saving humanity. They don’t care that the evidence says that man has little to no effect on the climate, they don’t care that the sun drives the climate and that it is going into a cooling cycle. They do care that their cult leader has said that man is destroying the planet and thus we have to return to a very medieval life style and and die in our late 40s or early 50s. We must all sacrifice so the cult leaders long and luxurious lives.

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