Win in Andalusia, and a near endless list of Islamic crimes with brutality in Europe: Links 1, 2018

1. German town hall closes out of fear from one annoying migrant of unknown origins.

Because a 26-year-old asylum seeker has been frightening the employees of the town hall for a long time, the municipal administration has now decided – at taxpayer’s expense – to engage a private security service.


For several weeks now, a 26-year-old asylum seeker has been tyrannizing Steinhagen’s town hall employees. “As soon as an employee spots the man approaching, we are going to close the town hall,” Mayor Klaus Besser told the newspaper Neue Westfälische. Nevertheless, the situation had repeatedly got out of control in the past week.


According to the helpless local politician, the 26-year-old, who has a residence permit and has so far escaped deportation because of his nationality, which has not yet been clarified, came to the municipal administration despite ban on entering the house and insulted employees there and threatened them with death.

(Is he on Merkel’s payroll? Stupid question. Of course he is. The article continues to explain his recent grievance is about what form that payment came in.)

2. One rabbi explains Islam in the terms that actually matter.

3. We need a new term for this type of government-media complex, deceptions. Lets call it for the moment, ‘Victim painting’. This is where an event occurs, and the facts of the event are deceptively reported via one or more of several methods, to paint a muslim or non-white male as the victim no matter what the real circumstances of the event are.

Of course in some cases we cannot know, because we are not told, sometimes ever, or sometimes till past the point where proper and righteous public outrage would happen.

In this case, there is no doubt that the person to whom this atrocity had a muslim sounding name. But the lack of information about the reasons for it, or the people who did it suggests that just maybe some victim-painting when on here.

4. Facebook remains consistent in its policies of selective enforcement against classical civilization supporters.

5, Let’s get this man put in jail and held to account.

6. Communist propaganda vector, DW, tries to create fear and loathing over Vox party win in Andalusia, as it attempts to try and stop the region from once again becoming, Al-Andaluz.

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Yucki, Wrath of Khan, Richard, Searchlight, Sassy, Xanthippa and all who sent in materials.


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5 Replies to “Win in Andalusia, and a near endless list of Islamic crimes with brutality in Europe: Links 1, 2018”

  1. The person beaten in the Bronx acts in a pretty symbolic way, typical for out times. Despite being 3 times bigger that the offender, he is completely unprepared for any form of confrontation. Everything, starting with blob of fat on his body, lousy posture and hands uselessly hanging down, and the entire body language, suggests that euro-descendents have lost their way of survival. The tiny perpetrator, on the other hand, is 100% sure of himself. Wake up people, you are going to be beaten into non-existence, if this keeps going unchanged.

    • Macron believes he can implement an Islam of France. Now, we have Merkel and an Islam of Germany. One knows something is terribly wrong with Islam that national leaders attempt to reinvent the ideology.
      Long live the Far-Right.

      • Only a non believer would be so arrogant as to think they can change a religion and have the followers of that religion go along with the change.

  2. 2/ This is Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, a scholar and judge of rabbinical court in Jerusalem.

    This is traditional scholarship of centuries-old Lithuanian rabbinical dynasties: intellectually demanding, inherently elitest. There’s original thinking, often highly contraversial, an opening to debate.

    A very different approach than the mystical, popular Hassidim that are much better known in the Western world.

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