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5 Replies to “German woman are bushmeat to migrants from a “backwards culture””

  1. That says it all about the backward culture that is Islam and about the useful idiots who expect us to tolerate their actions against Western Women.

    One culture will have to change, and it isn’t going to be ours.

    • One culture will have to change, and it isn’t going to be ours.

      Strange as it may sound, this problem shares much in common with nuclear proliferation. In both cases, the genie is out of the bottle and stuffing it back in will require extreme measures that nearly all modern “leadership” does not have the political spine to implement.

      To wit: Witness how exceptionally difficult it has been for Asian–Pacific powers to denuclearize tiny North Korea. This, despite Pyongyang’s blatant proliferation of nuclear and missile technology. Stripping out the nuclear arsenals (or laboratories) of rogue nations like Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran will be a monumental effort.

      Nuclear extremism has added an extra factor of urgency to a situation that just a century ago would have been of minor concern. Today, there is a very small window before things go all pear-shaped. We have no luxury of time.

      The same applies to the (self-induced) EU immigration crisis. Bottling up the million-plus primitive savages imported by these ham-fisted Social Engineers is a cultural imperative. And, exactly as with nuclear extremism and its issue of proliferation, so is there the issue of expecting—or even just hoping—for any rapid change in overall behavior.

      As things stand, the rapefugees have been given zero incentive to change their predatory (i.e., extremist) mindset. Moreover—just as with nuclear extremism—there is (in this case) an impossibly small window available within which these goals must be met. Again, there is no luxury of time as these economic tourists drain out state coffers all across Europe.

      Between crime, social benefits (and defrauding thereof), rioting and carbeques, the cost of having these cretins around is prohibitive. Europe can no more afford to have these miscreants in its midst than the geopolitical world can afford a nuclear Iran.

      • Once the shooting starts the solutions that are currently unthinkable will become more and more possible. At the beginning of WWII bombing cities especially fire bombing cities to ensure the destruction of the factories was unthinkable, after a couple of years of war the unthinkable was common.

  2. Alas,women vote disproportionately for this sort of thing. If women had never voted,this would never have happened,just saying.

    The masculine will always triumph in 100% of cases,a feminised society is finished from day one. The fact that it is men that get killed in invasions and that women will be kept by the alpha male invaders will not have escaped the female voters attention at a subconscious level,at the very least.

  3. Incidentally, a contributor over at GoV noted how “bushmeat” may have been a mistranslation of “fair game” (which does make a lot more sense).

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