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11 Replies to “Honduran migrant upset with quality of gifted food”

  1. Typical of the Invaders, they want nothing but the best and are upset when they don’t receive the best. If she doesn’t like the food let her go home.

    • Seems to me the three choices she should have are as follows:

      1. Nothing

      2. Jail for illegally entering Mexico by force with a mob.

      3. A ticket home with a signed document that she agrees to pay for that ticket within a period of time or never be allowed into Mexico again.

      And based on reality, that would be getting off light. I cant even imagine trying to do that to a foreign country and not finding myself with my life in ruins.

    • I wish I had gotten to it in time.

      Sorry, this content isn’t available right now
      The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

        • Hi Eeyore

          Me too, but it can’t be helped. The guy who posted/shared that version of it, with the snapshots following the video, which put the lie to the act she puts on in the video, commented that it might not stay up for long. Removal of items on Fbk is noticeably on the rise. I recently noticed that two items i shared within the last month or two had also ‘quietly disappeared’ from my timeline. One still showed up in my activity log, but the other one had vanished even from that. The former one was an article about the Khashoggi case, by Lee Smith in Tablet mag, and the latter came originally from Epoch News. I say ‘quietly disappeared’, as their removal was not signaled by any comment from Fbk admin as more often used to happen if they took something down — with the reason given being the standard ‘violates community standards’ excuse they trot out. Nether of the items i mention above can be said to violate any ‘journalistic’ standards, let alone so-called ‘community standards’, whatever that is supposed to mean. If you are interested, i can send you the links to both, as it is beyond Fbk’s power to have these removed from either the Tablet site or Epoch News.
          Best regards and thank you for all you do.

          I look at Vlad Tepes Blog virtually every day. Keep up the good work !

          • I would suggest you start a FreeZoxee account and start uploading videos from there.

            They are committed to making sure this material gets out. Their only rule is no Nazis, communists or islamic supremacists.

            Also get Wondershare video downloader. That way when you see a FB video thats good yiu can grab it right away. If it disappears, you can upload it to FreeZoxee, or send it to me via wetransfer.com

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