Cross of Matamoros

Dear Readers of VladTepesBlog

Tis the season again, and I have made a limited number of Sterling Silver crosses of St. James Matamoros, the patron saint saviour of Spain, who liberated it from centuries and centuries of brutal Islamic rule.

A photo of it and some details are in the side bar and it can be bought here for USD $60.00.

For anyone who is planning to buy one for someone else for Christmas, sooner is better than later as it has to ship first to you and then to whomever you wish to send it to. At this point and for the next week or two, its easy to be sure it will arrive in time.

Also buying these crosses is a way to help offset the associated expenses of this site.

So please do consider picking one up for yourself, or as a gift to anyone red pilled on our issues, who may appreciate it.

Thank you all in any case for checking in on this site and for the massive contributions and efforts so many of you make to this site, many of you on a daily basis.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

19 Replies to “Cross of Matamoros”

    • Yes. The glitter at the foot is just a lens flare. It comes to a point.

      It is about 1 and 1/2 inches long and about 3/4 ” across.

      I just measured it with a tape measure but it could be a MM or so off of that.

      Hope that helps.


        • If I’m reading my teeny tiny scale correctly, 3.4 grams. It feels heavy for its size.

          The way it’s weighted and balanced, even small as it is, it *feels* like a weapon in the hand. And the point is pleasingly sharp.

          Happy customer. 🙂

          I’m curious about the little indentations on the back… we got two and these tiny dimples are not identical, so I take them to be a maker’s mark??

      • Btw, I was reading Muslims in the know find it quite offensive. I see it as a tit-for-tat because the hijab truly disturbs me. Silent and subtle messaging.

  1. Hey there, I’ve ordered a cross of matamoros on January 4, 2019, just now looking at the comments above and noticing the comments are from November, that being said I’m guessing that you’re out of stock?

    • Please be patient just another 2 weeks as we are behind due to the IW bit, but we should have everyone’s out by end of next week.
      Thank you for your order, and we wish we could be as fast as we want to be but this flurry of orders took us by surprise and we are behind by a few weeks.
      You can look forward to yours by mid February latest however. Please let me know if you don’t get yours by then?
      Again, sorry for the delay Michael.

    • It is on the way at long last! Please keep an eye on the mail for the next 10 days. Very sorry for the delay, but at long last yesterday I managed to catch up with all the orders.
      Now we are current. And should stay that way short of a major unexpected rush again.

  2. Hello Eeyore,
    I placed an order for a Cross of Matamoros on 04/17/19. I expected the possibility of delay on account of its handmade nature.
    However, I now suspect that the order got lost in the shuffle as it is now August.
    Please reach out when you’re able.
    Great work on the blog as always, looking forward to an update.

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