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5 Replies to “Mexican Business Woman furious at financiers of migrant invasion”

  1. Right at the end, she says she has US citizenship. In 1989, Mexico started to allow dual cirizenship. Mexican citizens can own property in Mexico near the border; citizens of the US must lease. Duals apparently don’t disclose their US cirizenship. This article details the US-Mexican joint effort to support Mexican citizens (and others) residing in the US in obtaining US citizenship. https://www.forbes.com/sites/doliaestevez/2015/11/12/mexico-launches-campaign-to-promote-dual-citizenship-among-millions-of-legal-immigrants/#798511154510

    In yesterday’s Reader Links, I posted a few links to Salvadoran newspaper articles that reprinted directions from the cravan organizers: packing lists, legal advice to obtain parent signatures when traveling with minors, a note to use lowercase letters when joining WhatsApp groups for caravan communication, names of WhatsApp groups wirh how many subscribers they have and how to compute how many more can subscribe, directions on meeting for a 11/18 caravan (that might have been in an AFP article), directions to bring a plastic foldee, etc.

    It’s great that the directions are in Spanish instead of in a lanuage outside the Americas like Urdu or Chinese. This means the organizers have in mind literate Spanish-speakers with the skill and assets to subscribe their phone numbers to WhatsApp groups.

    Can POTUS write an EO criminalizing caravan organizing so that organizers don’t have access to US funds and will be arrested when in the US? Hos is the US monitoring the 45 reported UNHCR reps recently flown to Mexico?

    • Arresting them on an EO is unlikely, that would require a change in the law and Congress is in charge of writing the laws, cutting off American funds, especially Government funds should be possible but with left wing activist Judges ready to undo everythi8ng he does who knows.

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