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12 Replies to “Some sane TV in France”

  1. Values? What values? I thought the only “values” a Deconstructionist had were those of destruction. Because we know darn well that their plan doesn’t include rebuilding anything worthwhile. Destroying the meaning of language with doublespeak, inversion and projection is a great way to start the ball rolling. What did Macaroni say? Nationalism is the opposite of patriotism or some such nonsense? Well, we here across the pond have news for the French: Our idiot is just as good, if not better than, YOUR idiot!


    • Very well said as I look in wonder at our “Trump.”
      He was elected to break the furniture.
      I do not hold out hope for the election in 2020

      • “Don’t take counsel from your fears” George Patton

        The Dems are putting their loonier people in charge of the committees, this is going to drive people away from their party, just this morning they are announcing that “gun control” is going to be their top priority. They are going to try and bring the failed gun control laws of New York and California to the rest of the nation. This isn’t going to work, it always ensures that in the next election the Dems lose big time.

        Remember the Dems think they lost in 2016 and didn’t take the Senate is that they weren’t far enough to the left.

      • The people who hate communism most are the ones who’ve lived it. Ask any émigré.

        Socialism was such a failure in Israel, no coalition of labor parties can pull in votes. That’s even with control of 80% of the media and most of the “elite” in academe and the entrenched bureaucracy. (Including senior military and the courts.)

        Maybe by 2020 enough taxpayers who voted Dem will be sufficiently disgusted by full-time mobocracy to change their attitudes. I doubt it, though. Things won’t really get bad as long as PTrump is in office.

        The biggest problem is the complicit media that cover for a feckless Congress, demonize the opposition. Some of the divisiveness is funded by our geopolitical adversaries. Corporate legacy media and the tech monopolies are global enterprises, at odds with an America First agenda.

        • I am counting on the left to continue to attack people as they try and eat in a restaurant to continue to Doxx people and to harass people in their homes. I also expect that the attacks on Trump supporters will be more violent. All of the above will turn off a lot of voters and they won’t talk about who they will vote for but will vote to remove the Dems from most of the offices they hold.

          We won’t get all of even most out of power in 2020 but we will get enough for Trump to continue his cursade to save the US. It is 2024 I am worried about, Will Pence be the Repub pick and will he continue on the path that Trump has been following?

          • I can’t look that far ahead.

            Still distressed by the failure to secure the voting process. That should’ve been on the agenda Day #1.

            Then he made a poor choice for DHS. That was obvious in interviews addressing the migrant caravans. Weak, sloppy, bleeding-heart female. You’d think he’d see it then, if not long before.

            PT _knows_ Broward and Palm Beach counties are chronic problems. Yet he failed to provide for supplementary supervision for the election.

            I’m disappointed he’s human, that’s all.

  2. He is right the then main enemy is the Islamic Conquest but he is wrong that Russia and Chi8na aren’t enemies, granted I think China will collapse before it becomes the number 1 threat.

    • That is the logical conclusion of the lefts efforts to demonize Nationalism, they haven’t had any luck destroying Patriotism so they are trying to change the meaning. I don’t think they will succeed at that either.

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