Another disturbing arrest for non-crimes in the UK

Here is a video on the event, the analysis within which, I do not fully agree. But the arrests are Orwellian and I mean that both literally and as a best case scenario at this point.

It should be mentioned that Katie Hopkins claims she was told,  that the fire started because migrants were illegally, (in the real sense, not the modern sense) preparing Ramadan feasts over actual fires in their apartments and the government covered that up with a story about an exploding refrigerator.

This makes the arrests far more sinister. Not only must we treat the fire as a sacred thing, but any attempt to view it differently…

It is time they officially changed the name of the place to Air Strip One.

Here is the actual news story, which utterly escaped me till PC posted the video above to the Reader’s Links.

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6 Replies to “Another disturbing arrest for non-crimes in the UK”

  1. Britain is turning into Air Strip One, and the US is turning into a Third world nation rife with election fraud. Everything the Dems did to make it easier to register and to vote was designed to make it easier for them to stuff the ballot boxes. The current election is proving that and the attitude of those who are openly stealing elections is proving that it is unlikely that a peaceful solution to the problem can be found.

    • The difference being Trump can turn it around…granted with a lot of work and a lot of luck. The UK is simply fcked. There is no way back for the Brits. There are simply way too many dimwitted wymen.

      • There is a way back but it involves the alglophone portion of North America liberating Britain from the Islamic Invaders and their home grown leftists.

        I pray we won’t have to do that.

  2. Ref the Grenfell Tower thing, and I’m surprised we don’t hear more of this, why did it burn down, killing so many illegal immigrants?
    Because it had been covered with inflammable material. Who’s brilliant idea was that? Wasn’t it the climate activists, and their alarmist drivel about the world heating up? Climate activist being another word for Marxist.
    Left in it’s original condition, without political interference, nobody would have died, and we would have all been the more enriched.
    They (the Left), keep going on about how climate change will affect the world’s poor, whilst ironically cooking them to death at home.
    Brilliant, just brilliant.

  3. Poor taste, lack of empathy. Otherwise, no big deal.

    I don’t have much empathy personally for Grenfell, though I did flashback to 9/11. Cardboard mock-ups of people trapped, burning to death don’t strike me as funny. But that’s just an opinion. Jokes that get laughs from one audience can go over like a lead balloon with another.

    He wastes time at the beginning trying to justify “dark humor”. He sounds whiney, and all that’s beside the point anyway.

  4. The narrator utterly fails to adequately emphasize how likely it was that immigrants themselves were responsible for initiating the blaze with their indoor barbecue.

    There is no protection against the deep levels of ignorance that are being imported.

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