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17 Replies to “How they rule ya”

  1. The rebellion has started, now we will see what the British Governments reaction is?

    Remember the side that is reacting to the actions of their enemies is the side that is losing.

    • The British elite will not go easily into the sunset. They have ruled with an iron hand for over a 1000 years and they still look upon the people as vulgar and common and to be moulded into whatever they wish and to die for whatever they wish. If push comes to shove, this will be bloody. Common sense dictates that we hope for a peaceful solution but I cannot see them bending over easily and we still have the traitor Corbyn hovering and his election to labour leader tells you everything bad about the UK.

      • I told my parents at this point I could not longer count myself as British at all, and I have now decided that my country of birth is only worthy of my contempt because of the way it has treated Tommy Robinson. That means simply as a Englishman living abroad I will no longer buy anything made in Britain while Tommy is in jali, whereas before I went out of my way to do so.

        The government of the UK are scum, pure and simple and may they all rot in hell for this..

        • Its not just Tommy it is the entire double standard and the mule-tired judicial system. Its about the selective enforcement of the laws and the way the ruling elite are throwing the ethnic Europeans under the bus trying to save their position as the rulers of their various nations.

          Tommy is in trouble because he is fighting to stop the grooming gangs and the Islamic conquest of Europe, don’t betray him by fighting to get him our of prison and then go back to business as usual.

          This is going to be a long war with many goals, we want the winter soldiers who are in for the long haul, not the summer soldier, the sunshine patriot.

          First “Free Tommy”, Second “Free Britain”, third “Free Europe”.

          • That was a sweeping assumption you made there, and rather uncalled for.

            I was pretty engaged since 1997 until 2009, but I had multiple direct death threats at me and my family and my employment was impacted. And while I am not as old as you I am no longer of fighting age..

            You don’t know me and you don’t know what I did, but I know I have had an impact, because when Tommy was first trying to find out about Islam I was one of a number of people that explained stuff to him on certain websites. I remember people calling him racist then too.

            But thank you for your kind words..

            • No I don’t know you but unless you want others to think you are concerned with just Tommy and not the rest of the people you need to choose your words more carefully.

              • That is a pretty dumb statement on what you believe I meant by that.

                First of all I went out of my way to buy more British goods and services due to Brexit. Which is very important in moving Britain in the right direction.

                I am withdrawing that attitude while they make a mockery of our rights by this shameful act of doing a Soviet style political prisoner, let alone all the things that they did to him before.

                For me Brexit is a move in the right direction and needs supporting, because it makes it more likely that Britain will get a government they will do the right thing.

                Tommy is a catalyst, a man of principles and so courageous, they want to destroy him because he is a threat to them. And if they succeed then Britain is effectively dead, because they will have proven that our rights mean nothing.

                It is a watershed moment, obviously you see it differently to me, that is fine, but don’t presume to put words in my mouth.

        • I’m the same way about boycotts, Daffers.
          Except I’m extreme and obsessive.

          I demand disclosure in excruciating detail. I check the label on every bottle of jam to see where the fruit was grown. And so forth…

          Some countries can redeem themselves: it’s off and on, boycott-wise. Germany yes, Sweden no. The UK pending.

          Others, while the people are ok, it is the very earth that’s contaminated for me.
          Irrational and superstitious, I know.

      • No they won’t go quietly into the night, a peaceful revolt that saves Britain is to be dreamed about but it is unlikely they will be able to pull this off, it is unlikely that any of the nations in the west will escape a violent civil war.

    • How they rule ya is about everything they have done to Britain, this one is about Tommy. Tommy is the rallying call but the fight is about all they have done. Making it about Tommy alone will end the rebellion when Tommy gets out. We want the British Government to change everything they are doing, not just let Tommy go.

    • Yup Conservatism is the new counter culture, the old counter culture has become the Man and they are just discovering how comfortable that position can be.

  2. “I am a retired Police Detective with over 25 years service in the investigation into child abuse. I was threatened and bullied out of my job for exposing the high-level cover-up of child prostitution. For the past eight years, I have been working with anti-child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney in raising awareness of the true extent of the scale of this heinous crime. I, now with other whistleblowing cops as well as victims and survivors of abuse, am campaigning for a change in the Law to give brave whistleblowers the protection they truly deserve. In the words of Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.””

    Video: https://youtu.be/LAMcVquIe2o

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