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6 Replies to “Geert Wilders speaks at Tommy Robinson demo UK”

  1. This is a substantial crowd. CNN will report there were 200 people attending. But this crowd isn’t surprising given what Londoners have been through. We’ve heard, and people on this site understand by now the mechanics of how populations respond so slowly–if at all–to blatant tyranny. This understanding answers the “why” of why it has taken so long to mobilize large numbers.

    The dynamic I wonder about now is what will be the spark that mobilizes the millions still sitting on the sidelines. When does “polite” society say enough? What will be the spark to ignite a simmering anger against a smug, Progressive elite. In which country? Will it be London? Berlin? Stockholm? Which native homogenous character feels most desperate, and most done wrong by? It’s just a matter of time.

  2. ABC Australia reported “a couple of hundred protesters”. Typical fake parrot news.

    Was that Filip Dewinter and Gerard Batten I saw standing next to Geert Wilders?

  3. OT-

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