AfD MP (Germany) on the murder of yet another German girl by an illegal and REJECTED fake-refugee

From Oz-Rita’s Youtube page:

After the torture, gang rape and brutal murder of yet another young German girl, Susanna, 14 years young and Jewish, by Iraqi and Türkish “Merkel Refugees” the Co-Leader of the AfD (Alternative for Germany), Dr. Alice Weidel addresses her “J’Accuse” to Chancellor Angela Merkel.


It was Merkel’s disastrous abandon of German border control and the invitation she extended to (so far) 1.5 million illegal (mostly muslim) migrants that have brought these alleged killers and their families to Germany. When the AfD tried to hold a Minute of silence for the murdered girl in the German Parliament (Bundestag), they were shouted down by the Government parties, and the speaker, the Greens Claudia Roth interrupted the minute of silence and prevented its continuation. A subtitled video of that shameful incident will follow. Correction: @ Minute 2.50 Spelling mistake in the name of Gottfried “Curio” (not Kurio).

It is not yet known if the Jewish identity of the victim plays any part whatsoever in this murder. For all we know, a lying Iraqi, probably muslim raped and murdered a teenaged German girl for the same reasons so many others do. Because she is a teenaged European girl. But if he knew she was Jewish it may have played a role.

So far the claims he murdered her to cover up the fact of his rape. Which shows a certain ethos all on its own.

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  1. Some years from now, in the part of Europe, which not sank back into the 7th century, will talk about this era in Germany and they will compare it to another time also in Germany, when Germans were defending to the last bullet their beloved Führer… Then and now, there is no difference: similarly blind following of an ideology and their representatives. (with some exceptions, go AfD, I still do not understand why you guys do not have 99% support???)

    • CrossWare: The power of indoctrination and the 4th Estate which has long since become the 5th Column. I have still even educated acquaintances in Germany who are disgusted with me that I should “support” such Nazis as the AfD.

      Dr. Alice Weidel, the speaker above, has been officially called a “Nazi Schlampe” , (Nazi Slut) – she took it to the courts …… and LOST !

      But one little light at the end of this tunnel: strong rumour has it that every (non muslim) Police Man votes for the AfD 🙂

        • HiHiHi, Richard –

          Seeing that under the German Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, a close ally of Merkel even at one stage rumoured to become her successor, one (or perhaps more – I’m speaking just from memory) of the young German soldiers was reprimanded and somewhat publicly shamed for having a politically incorrect poster on his wall. I think they suspected him to be a “Nazi” sympathiser and “re-educated” him. (that is how I understood the story at the time). In Merkel’s Germany it does not take much to be called a Nazi.

          She is the “first woman” to hold this position – which makes me think: “affirmative action”. Speculatively, and from what I am seeing in Australia, where the Defence Minister, also female, is a big, fat, pseudo-conservative, Mamma who tries hard to feminise the military and is pushing for women on the FRONTLINE, I have a feeling that they try to soften the soldiers rather than to strengthen them. You may call me sexist.

          I really dont think that after the “scandal” of that young right wing soldier, his comrades feel that their boss would have their back. Perhaps that’s a good thing and in the secret ballet box they will do the “right” thing.

          Have a look at Minute 0:46 where she tries to be “one of the boys” 😉

  2. This woman is awesome. I’ve seen her speak at the Bundestag on another video but don’t know her name. Anyone know who she is and where she lives?

    • @Wolf Woman
      She is Dr. Alice Weidel, the co-leader (with Dr. Gauland) of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). She lives near the Lake of Constance (Bodensee) on the Swiss side, I think.

  3. “So far the claims he murdered her to cover up the fact of his rape. Which shows a certain ethos all on its own.”

    Two Honors make a Reich.

    • First came the Socialists. But I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.
      Then came the Feminists. But I did not speak out because I was not a Feminist.
      Then came the non-Whites. But I did not speak out because I was not non-White.
      Then came the Homosexuals. But I did not speak out because I was not a Homosexual.
      Then came the muslims. But I did not speak out because I was not a muslim.
      Then came the Whites. And then they came for me.

  4. Found out on GatesofVienna that her name is Dr. Alice Weidel and she’s co-leader of the AfD. I wish we had her counterpart in the U.S.

  5. Here the video Rita was talking about. Without subtitles but the disdain and total lack of respect for this 14 year old child is so obvious as to be revolting.
    But hey she was just a jew.

    • Exactly, copywriter ! I’m subtitling it this afternoon.

      And yes you are right, that embarassing piece of work, SPEAKER of the Bundestag, deputy leader of the GREENS, does not like Jews very much…..if it’s a consolation, she hates Germany too, she participated in demonstrations where they shout “Deutschland verrecke” and “Germany is Shit”.

      A few years ago SHE ordered a minute of silence in the Bundestag for those illegal migrants who had drowned in the Mediterrean.

      Here is a glimpse of what this ugly frog really really really likes:

      • Thanks for the supplemental info Rita.
        As for me there’s not much I can do but to spread the link as far and wide as I can in the hope it picks up momentum and goes viral.

  6. Hi Rita. Here in the Great White North our Dear Leader has found his own Progressive niche. For while he is “man” enough to grope young female reporters, he wears stupid little gay socks to feign some sort of playful sensitivity. He virtue-signals empathy for the genderly fluid, but adds a dose of antifreeze with laws to punish free speech and debate. He hasn’t the courage or brains to confront President Trump face to face, so does it behind his back after he has departed. He is a weak-minded, spineless sycophant to power grown in our own frozen dirt.

    …And keep writing Perfectchild–VTB wouldn’t be the same without you!


    “This can not be true”

    Deutsche Welle visits the mother of the alleged perpetrator in the small town of Zakho in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq and confronts her with the confession. “It’s hard to believe, that can not be true,” says Kalida M. on Saturday morning in conversation with Jaafar Abdul Karim. The DW reporter has been in close contact with the family of the alleged perpetrator since yesterday via instant messaging services.

    In the first talks yesterday, the mother had repeatedly pointed out that her son had assured her that he could not remember the act because he was supposed to have been drunk. The family claims to have learned only by the arrest in Iraq and the news on the Internet from the allegations against Ali.

    Rash departure from Germany?

    The mother of the alleged perpetrator denies that the family left Germany in a hurry to protect the son from prosecution. Rather, it had been the wish of her seriously ill husband to leave the Federal Republic as soon as possible for home, in order to die there in peace. “I did not want him to die in a foreign country in Ramadan and then I feel bad,” says Kalida M. She says she has lost contact with her son since being arrested on Friday morning. She does not know anything about a planned delivery of her son. “I do not want my son to be punished in a foreign country, and if he really is guilty, then he should be punished here in his own country.”

    • I do not want my son to be punished in a foreign country, and if he really is guilty, then he should be punished here in his own country.

      Sure thing, Mamar. Like your sweet, little innocent boy would ever be punished for raping and murdering a 14 year-old Jewess in your country. Hell, they’d parade him through the streets like a fecking hero. Definitely a case of monogenisis.

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