Alexandra Belaire, Iron Curtain escapee, speaks at Ottawa FREETOMMY demo

Other speakers at the event including the organizer:

Just did a quick fake-news test on CBC.
Lets see how they did:

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8 Replies to “Alexandra Belaire, Iron Curtain escapee, speaks at Ottawa FREETOMMY demo”

  1. Help! This might change the election completely in Sweden! – “LO sålde 200 hus för 4 miljoner kronor”:

    We need some help from our Italian friends! If someone sells a house for 400 000 Euro when it’s worth 14 000 000 Euro. Something is wrong.

    Maybe they got an offer they couldn’t refuse – “The Godfather – Horse’s Head”:

    Or most likely they got bribed (from where?).

    P.S: ”The Beatles – Help!”:

  2. “Isn’t this the plan, Nobody? Ruin neighborhoods so natives move out…invaders move in?” Of course it is.

    If you are a person of deceit.

    If you are a person who betray your country.

    If you are a quisling.

    But I don’t care about the quislings; I care about my country, my people and my friends.

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