Unforgivable bias by Twitter

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  1. Facebook are one and the same, they keep banning me for any remarks making Muslims look bad, then they are using my private information to keep trying to bill me for some Ad campaign that I don’t even have any pages that sell anything. I never sold anything on facebook and don’t even have any pages that were ever live. this is extortion for being an American Patriot. I have been banned three times this year alone. one for statements not permitted and called hate speech, then it was Spam that I never advertised anything in my posts. and the third time yesterday was for hate speech crap again. they are using pages from 2014 that were never live or even completed or had anything to sell. I can’t even delete the pages, as there is no delete or cancel on the site. How can I sue Facebook? I will cut you in.

    • How can I sue Facebook? I will cut you in.

      You can’t. Your participation (and abandonment of privacy) was voluntary.

      The only way to defeat BaceFook is to starve it, much like the New York Times.

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